Essendon + Abyss = esports!


Franchise Hockey Manager 4



What am I missing here?

If I had $517 million, my business plan could turn that into $50 billion.

But no worries, EFC seems happy to invest into a market that is taking a 90% loss on current investment.

Not for the first time in this thread: WTF?


I think you’re missing the meaning of the numbers. That $517m is nothing to do with the $64m, they’re two separate revenue streams to the various esports leagues and teams. $517m in corporate deals, and $64m in direct consumer spend

EFC is aiming to be on the good side of that ledger in a very traditional sporting team fashion. We have a team, pay them, provide training facilities, etc, and we in return (hopefully) get a piece of both the advertising/sponsorship by getting someone to put their name on our shirts and direct consumer spend from people buying said shirts.

It’s also worth noting that the whole esports economy is entirely separate from the revenue of the people who make and run the actual game, who don’t make their money from that stuff. They make their money from sales within the game itself, which tally to something a bit north of $1.5bn a year.


Branding in esports is huge.

look up tempostorm, solomid, c9, etc.


Also worth noting the best esports players get payed more than the best afl players.


So essendon hierarchy do know you’re putting the team at a fair disadvantage as all league of legends events are in sydney? and melbourne ping to sydney can play a role.


I thought people stopped playing computer games when they were 16


Some don’t ever grow up.



Now I’m picturing a group of Asian teens and overweight single middle-aged American dudes in The Hangar doing thumb warm-up drills while our boys bounce footys around them.

I’m really not understanding any of this, am I?


Hi Katie (or Catie, which do you prefer?). The club is probably in the preliminary stages of setting the team up, but are there any plans to expand into Overwatch?


I’m am all for trying out new ventures, but this just looks like nothing but a $$ grab.

How does this align with the values of a football club of kids grab a footy and go outside for a kick or just exercise/community.


Calm down mate. Kids who play video games can also play sport. They dont exclude one for the other. please note that the medium is also catered for adults too. Youll find a large chunk of our current playing list play video games.

Esports is a very competitive space that can become very profitable if done right. If its just a cash grab, its still good if it benefits the club financially.

I would also suggest that sharing a club with the esports community is mutually beneficial as it can also bring new followers into the afl world.


It’s probably a bit of both.

Have brand recognition with the kids and grab a mee sports team with huge global growth potential for the cash cow the track as a new business line.

Issue will become priority when the global audience $ starts outweighing the AFL one. And it probably will given the potential male size difference.


I’m not against people playing video games. I think you are reading into that incorrectly

From what I know of e-sports (yes I only watched one doco on it) - the training camps consist of people lodging in a house together and ‘training’ 6 +hrs a day - i.e sitting in front of a computer. How is that a healthy lifestyle.

I’m just not sure how you can spin that to be in line with the values of a footy club. So it has to be a $$ play

My view is excessive computer game use will be the ‘nicotine’ of our generation. We will look back on this period and shake our heads


Im not trying to be smug when i say this, but have you seen people lately? People are glued to their screens whether its tablet, phone, or tv. And thats just for entertainment. A large chunk of the populations work life is staring at a screen all day.

For people who make esports their career, i wouldnt think their habits would be any less healthy thank most. Most people i follow in the gaming industry have a healthy lifestyle and go to the gym regularly.


People under 18 hate football and this is a way for them to hear the brand “ESSENDON”. It’s not much more complicated than that.


This years “shallow draft” was all video games’ fault


I have no idea why anybody would be interested in watching somebody else play video games but seems there is a market for it.

I can see why the club is getting involved but would prefer the essendon brand wasn’t used in this way. I know I’m probably being an old fogey but I’d rather the essendon brand only being associated with actual sports. To me esports is not a sport. Its entertainment. Use the brand to create a soccer team or cricket team or handball team or whatever but to me its just odd. I wouldn’t care if the club created an esports specific brand and grew that.

@Catherine_Lio are you able to tell us what the rationale behind this initiative is? Is it about spreading the essendon brand and hoping we’ll get more people following our footy team who previously didn’t? Is it about a potential new lucrative revenue source?

I applaud the clubs innovative approach, I’m just not sure i understand the objectives and how this fits in with our onjective of premierships.


Some of the posts in this thread are hilarious.

Coming from a bunch of people who possibly spend up to 8 hours a day at a computer doing their jobs that they hate while they get paid ■■■■ all, and happen to like to watch other people chase around a ball and kick it through some sticks for funsies on weekends.

You wanted a different revenue stream from pokies… well here is one of them.