Essendon + Abyss = esports!


I’m sorry mate but this is a really dumb thing to say. The average age of gamers in the world is 35 the average in Australia is slightly lower at 33.

Gaming is a multibillion dollar industry. Just because you’re not into it or have “aged out” doesn’t mean you should make fun of others. Leaves you looking like an ■■■.



I get the ‘e’ bit. I don’t get the “sports” bit.

If you can do it in your bedroom then its a hobby not a sport.


Hey HM.

It was my first question - and my second, and my third.

We have done rigorous checks - as you would any new venture - on all employees. They will soon all sign Essendon staff contracts that will include the same behavioral and cultural guidelines that all our staff are expected to adhere to - if they haven’t already.

External risk audit, employee risk assessment - it’s been done.


For me I can’t understand why people watch golf or snooker. I find it incredibly boring. For others it’s cricket or even AFL.

I watch for a similar reason I watch the bombers. They are awesome at something I do for fun and do it to a level that I will never be able to replicate.

If you’re interested in something and understand it you want to see the best strut their stuff. Video games is no different. It’s a skill that can be mastered and who doesn’t want to watch an expert at work.


I’m for this. But I know nothing about League of Legends. I have heard of Rocket League which is another popular game,

It will tap an untapped market, even if it’s just overseas people clicking onto the website. Then if they are ever in Australia maybe they will check out at game.

I definitely think the eSports team should play more games that would relate to your typical AFL fan. (AFL Evolution, FIFA).

Also love to see the eSports team play games against our current list.


You can play poker in your bedroom. People watch that.

Snooker, darts and table tennis are indoor activities are they sports?


Not sure why people are hesitant. The club are moving with the times. Exploring ways of spreading the Essendon name/brand + looking at other revenue streams. Think Bitcoin and where it sits today in value. Smart move and let’s not forget Essendon are also in the entertainment business so this initiative is a natural progression. I’m excited that my club are a progressive leader rather than follower. I probably won’t get into it but I’m excited at the potential long term benefits for the club. Go Bombers!


I love some of the comments on this forum.


Club invests in alternative revenue


Good job Essendon on taking a different approach. I really hope this takes off and even though I’m a Dota man at heart I will watch this with interest.


PONG or gagf



Urgh, all these young whipper snappers and their computer games, can’t even spell properly.


Seems like a reasonable way to get more use out of our facilities and staff.

Is using coaches and staff for unrelated teams (Esports/Netball/AFLW etc) a way of reducing overall football department spending? Ie if your assistant coach pops into the AFLW team and provides a few pointers can you charge 10% of their contract to that team, thus allowing you to pay them more?


hope someones in-game name is like xXHirdy#[email protected]


Hey all!

Check out this article here

Gives a really good insight and understanding to the world of Esports.

“Think of esports as a form of entertainment rather than a sport, and the issue dissipates.”


Thanks for that. good write up.

So how long does a game go for? Is the game stage based?


Thanks Lavar


agree completely on this, but you have to look at what kids are doing these days. Mine watch youtube clips of other nerds playing and commentating on Minecraft. And the people who do this have milions of followers making millions $$ out of it. How that is entertainment baffles me, but then I was born last century


It’s like watching AFL. You’re seeing people do stuff at a level you have no hope of achieving.


In regards to League Of Legends which is the game our team will be playing in the OPL (Oceanic Pro League) Esports competition, matches can last anywhere between 20 - 45 minutes.

It’s hosted in a venue/stadium with commentators and many fans.

This was the OPL final last year:


There are different types of games however the main LoL game is on Avg 30 - 45 mins. Can be over as early as 15 - 20. Not staged, but your “champ” levels up throughout each game.

Basically it’s a 5 V 5 arena. There are 3 “lanes” which are basically paths from your base to the opposite teams with a river splitting the two and a “jungle” element.

Generally there will be 1 champ from each team duelling in the top and mid lanes, 2 from each team duelling in the bottom lane and a jungler on each team farming through the jungle and roaming to all 3 lanes.

Each champ has 4 basic skills, with a couple of extra “spells”. The game is actually quite easy to pick up and get Into due to the simplicity of the basic play and standard game time however is also quite complex and strategic which is what makes the pros so good.

Each teams base produce “minions” who walk through each lane, you farm the minions whilst attempting to kill the enemy, getting gold from killing minions / enemy and buying items.

Game ends when you destroy the other teams base.

Possibly the worst thing with LoL is a large chunk of the players are quite young which leads to a somewhat extremely immature and toxic environment (obviously older ppl can act this way also).