Essendon + Abyss = esports!


When you are at ya mates birthday party and it was the other kids turn at Mario kart it was ■■■■■■ boring to just watch and not play.


Abyss??? WSPTU.
We did? Eureka. Wonder if we will upgrade a new player from the Cat B rookie list. l look forward to draft night. Never been a gamer, but enough kids and adults are for it to be taken seriously. Good move EFC, it will introduce our team to millions of potential new supporters in years to come.


Do they play Solitaire or Freecell?

Or is it something more advanced like Space Invaders?


@Catherine_Lio: A little while back you mentioned that the club was planning an exit strategy from gaming (pokie) revenue. Is it joining to many dots to suggest that this gaming revenue is a forecast replacement for the less desirable kind?


Hey Dingus - our club philosophy is to move away from our reliance on gaming revenue by replacing it with other sustainable revenue streams - and we certainly hope this may end up being one of those ways.


If you’re into that sort of thing…




Thanks Catherine.

Is there any detail yet as to how “philosophy” will become “strategy”?

Poker machines are pure evil and I’d be very keen to see any concrete details on how we plan to cleanse ourselves of it.


Fine. Then take ‘sport’ out of the name.


I’m not a particularly strong proponent of esports one way or the other, but the IOC recognises chess as a sport, and bridge is a sport under the WADA code, so I don’t know where the line would be drawn for “not a sport”.


I hope the fixture doesn’t clash with our AFL, VFL, VFLW games… !!!


Fark you have to really be a salty old fossil to be upset about the definition of sports not fitting exactly what you want it to be.

And they say our generation is entitled.


Have just bragged to my office of technical staff.

They are all very jealous, or excited, depending on their football team affiliation.

If it gets that sort of impact across that age group… we are onto a good thing.


You’d have to say that Sponsorship revenue income has hit the ceiling with how much more dollars can be brought in.

AFL football only has the exposure to 20 million people at a maximum. With 18 clubs fighting it out for sponsorship deals, this is a smart way to get greater exposure to an audience. Which means bigger buissness opportunities which will never happen In the small AFL landscape.


Are they a signatory to wada?


hell no, pros down redbull between games.


Not that it matters but l never considered chess or bridge as sports as they require no real physical energy to play. Games yes, competitions certainly, but not sports. l would need to see esports in action first, as they differ from the above in having teams compete.


On the other hand, Europeans recently ruled that bridge is not a sport. There could be a disconnect between law there and IOC/ WADA…
WADA Empire building picked up bridge. Beware with Esport


I know, it’s sad. There’s a whole real world out there they never get to engage in.

I know guys even older than that. in their 40’s & 50’s,… never had a partner, never had a job, still sit on the couch day in. day out glued to GTAb4 or 5 or whatever the fk it is.

What a way to spend a life.


It’s the same argument people make about poker and Motor racing I guess.

Its about intense concerntration over long periods of time, rather than the physical excersion.