Essendon Crowds

Top 4 for overall. Involved in 3/5 top games (including top 2).
But my question is, I think Essendon crowds / fans are not as vocal as Collingwood / Richmond / West Coast even Carlton… have thought it for some time, am I alone in this? We come out in numbers but aren’t as loud, noticed this Friday when we hit the lead in the 3rd and there wasn’t much excitement. Also went to tigers v bears on Sunday afternoon and noticed tigers crowd also a lot louder… agree? Thoughts?

I do think our booing is only second to WCE though (which I like)…


I have thought the same. Where Essendon games can be, overall, very quiet affairs during the bulk of the match. Sure, when things get tense/exciting/a come back is on, we can find voice and get loud. But sometimes it can be really quiet.


I find it quite strange, as we’re a very loyal fan base who has been through hell, you’d think we’d be louder than anyone!
Maybe we’re not as feral as the aforementioned teams!

Damn loud in the hectic last minutes of the Giants & Norf games.


There’s an inverse relationship between number of teeth and a fan’s loudness.


I agree. Eagles fans booing is insanely loud. We need to boo harder.

I believe we are clearly number one in the “ironic cheering when we finally get a free kick” category.


Go to a Richmond or Collingwood game. I can kind of understand Richmond, but Collingwood baffles me.

4th on the list is impressive given 7 home games are at Marvel


You can see it in here, no one wants to cheer. Everyone just sitting around waiting to feel crap. Half the time it’s a competition on who can be the most miserable ■■■■■■■.


I reckon we are pretty decent in terms of noise.


We’ve been like this for a long time. I always remember in the 90s how much louder Carlton and Richmond supporters were. We had more female supporters and their voices are high pitch. Richmond and Carlton were always 30 - 50yo men (kids during the 70s and early 80s) with deep vocal roars.

The boos and angry verbal abuse on ANZAC Day were as loud as anything I’ve heard


ANZAC day was full on feral

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It seems our forte is now abuse.


Was fantastic though.
Very surprised there wasn’t more violence though, even the elderly folk were yelling abuse at the umpires


There was 2 ■■■■ Carlton games a few years back where we came from 5 goals down both times where the noise was unreal

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Friday night was a dead rubber for us.

In fact most our games are dead rubbers.

When was the last time we were genuinely excited, that the team was better than 7th or 8th, where every goal felt like we were becoming the team to be the real deal??

For a brief moment on Anzac day I might have, first half of 2012 I never believed despite the form and 2013 it was depressing to follow Essendon despite the form.

I don’t think we’ve even had what the dogs fans have had the past month heading into a finals series.

So that’s 15 years summed up.


I agree that for all our moments of exciting play, even over a few weeks, it doesn’t feel like we are a power house side. We don’t have that aura of being one of the big boys. It’s more about us doing well. Surprising ourselves that we won. We are not there yet where we are genuinely in the mix to challenge.

A finals win is not about breaking the finals drought. It’s about doing what any genuine flag contender can do, and do it with ease.