Essendon DEFEAT Orange People MATCH REVIEW

They were poor because we made them look poor. We controlled the ball out of the centre, and we pressured them relentlessly when they had it.

GWS are still the second favourite for the flag this year, even after the loss to us, and they were playing at full strength. They didn’t put us away in the first half, because we continually changed matchups, and our play until we stemmed their scoring, and we refused to give up.

For any easy goals they missed, we missed just as many. And don’t get me started on the reffing, which was firmly in their favour, not ours.

This wasn’t a game where a couple of our best had a good individual performance on the day. We had very even contribution across the field, and out-worked a premiership favourite who had no good reason to lose, and put themselves ahead early.


It’s a great article and tempers unreasonable expectations with the last bit.
Anyone hate reading articles like this must love reading about Essendon ignominy.

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It was really, really one-sided. We’ve had a reasonable run this year (all in all), but Sat night was borderline corrupt. The tv cameras caught a telling moment I thought, when GWS hit the post (for the second time I think?) and I think Nicholls looks at the other ump with a ruefull smile as they pass as if to say “we’re not going to be able to get these carnts over the line, are we?”

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Just a guess on my part, but you might be reading too much into this situation.


:grin: could be


One guy really doesent want to acknowledge Essendon being a good team. lol.


Wait you didn’t enjoy the constant years of playing teams like Geelong and having Bartel, Selwood, Enright and Ablett all having above 30 touches at once?

“2 and 2 and languishing”

media always over react to blowout results in both directions.

i’m willing to bet these guys didn’t watch the full games v hawks, swans, and saints.

there were clearly positives to take out of all of those games in indications we were improving in certain key areas where we’d languished previously.

anyway, this guy says where closer to the bottom than the top for but his logic to justify that it that we are not in the top 4 for anything. So on the one hand he might be right, we’re not a premiership threat, but on the other he is plainly wrong we’re not closer to the bottom.

the other two guys try to explain to the peanut that he’s wrong and it does seem to slowly sink in for him but that he goes back to highlighting sample size of good games not being big enough (ignoring that the sample size of ‘bad’ games was the same).


No love for winning games because we have low percentage.

If we beat North and 3121 by a combined 100 points they’ll say, oh but they’re crap teams.

We just beat a team who were favourites for the flag 2 weeks ago, but we’re closer to 15th than we are 4th?

What a muppet.


People were saying this about the Tigers in 2017. Trust needs to be earned.


our score from turnover differential average is presently -8.4.

i’m pretty curious to see where we can move that to over the next 2 weeks.

we were -50 v port but it’s been trending positive since then.

opp scores from t/o diff
hawks -15
swans -23
saints -10
port -50
dogs 8
crows 8
pies -16
eagles 22

it would be nice to push into the positive for that stat

would probably need to be plus 50 in each game to do it

It’s funny because on one of the other footy shows, you’ll hear Buckley, who probably has the credentials to comment, say that when a footy club analyses a team they are about to face, they only analyse the last 4 games. Anything further back than that really doesn’t tell you anything about what form they’re in or what style they’re playing currently.


go to 1:09:07 Hot takes

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Some of the ■■■■ people come up with is unreal. The shinbomber guy from the other week had me in stitches

Haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere but Caldwell charging in to centre square bounces off the F50 was critical in the second half. When the ball came that way he either won contested ball or laid crunching tackles.


Pretty funny that despite being in the forward line he’s ending up right there in the contest quickly, we have plenty of players that can do that exact role for us


That is consistent with what Lethal said, as coach they only looked back at the previous 3 matches.

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