Essendon fans required for Etihad promotional shoot

Hi Guys,

Etihad Stadium are looking for Essendon fans in the below categories to assist them with a marketing campaign being shot on Monday afternoon between 4pm and 9pm.
• Hero - Talent: 2 people - Male & female (ages btw 25-30)
• AFL Family - Talent: 4 people - Dad, Mum & 2 kids boy & girl (ages btw 10-13)
• Young AFL Supporter Fans - Talent: 4 people - 3 males & female (ages btw 18- 25)

All participants will be required to bring their own team colours as per above descriptions; including scarfs, team jersey, beany, cap.
Ie. Dress like you would if you were going to the football.
Note. Please bring more items than you intend to wear so we have options to change on the day.

Participants will be asked to be filmed / photographed in some of the following situations:

  • In seats cheering
  • Holding mobile phone talking to friends
  • Engaging with phone and looking up to big scoreboard
  • Note: this is a non event day so there will be no game on

The photographic images and video footage will appear in the following mediums:

  • Etihad Stadium Internal /External Screens
  • Internet / Online / Social
  • Press advertisements e.g. The Age newspaper
  • General marketing brochures / collateral

All applicants who wish to be a part of the campaign will need to sign a form permitting use of their image for Etihad Stadium marketing & promotional purposes.

There is no guarantee that you will appear in the finished campaign.

Participants on the day of the shoot will be entitled to the following for their time:

  • Free parking under stadium
  • Dinner and non alcoholic beverages to be served during the shoot

How to apply:
Please send your details and photo to Lisa Ramsey [email protected] or to contact her on 0411735252.
Your details should include the following:

Full name
Contact number
Mobile number
Emergency contact person
Code/Team you follow if relevant

Wow, I don’t fit into any one of those categories at all.
I mustn’t attend footy, or pay for anything at Etihad!
All a dream, I tells ya!

Quoted Post

- Dinner and non alcoholic beverages to be served during the shoot


Flash mob?

See that bit where you put in “press advertisements - eg: the age newspaper”.

Well you can take your marketing campaign and shove it up your ■■■■.

Ageist !

  • Press advertisements e.g. The Age newspaper


Can we moon the media?
If so im in!
Etihad full of Essendon supporters with their ■■■■ cheeks painted black and red is all the Age deserves to see

Do you need proof of age ?

You had me at hero. You lost me at The Age. Can’t risk my family’s photo appearing on the same page as SWMNBN

I reckon if you skip appearing in the rAGE part, you may get some fans who will do it.

Ahhh gettin ya bonce pictured as a fan of ours could be like walkin round with a ‘kick me’ sign on ya back atm.
Prospective volunteers may need a thick hide.

Quoted Post

Can we moon the media? If so im in! Etihad full of Essendon supporters with their ■■■■ cheeks painted black and red is all the Age deserves to see

Red and Black Stain

Great idea by the club, hope they pull it off:

KEVIN Sheedy’s iconic jacket-waving tradition and a dramatic blackout of Etihad Stadium will form the centrepiece of Essendon’s pre-match entertainment this year.

With clubs urged to radically overhaul their pre-game entertainment, the Bombers have gone all out to excite their fans.

Each week every Essendon supporter will be urged to wave their jackets in a predetermined time in the pre-match and post-match, just as Sheedy did after a famous 1993 win over Mick Malthouse’s West Coast.

The Bomber also hope a Round 7 entrance from the players under spotlight — with Etihad Stadium plunged into darkness — could become a home game tradition.

The Etihad Stadium lights take five to eight minutes to turn on and off, with high-level negotiations with the stadium still underway.

But captain Jobe Watson will lead the Essendon players into a dark Etihad Stadium, lit only by spotlight as they walk up the players race.

To ensure opponent North Melbourne enters the field in light the Bombers will come out before them despite home teams normally following their rivals out.

That entrance could become a permanent fixture at Etihad Stadium games if it proves a success.

The club is still working through safety provisions which will see some of Etihad Stadium’s lights remaining on so fans can find their seats.

Essendon’s cheersquad has been pruned to 100 members, with bays of general admission seating behind them turned into an Active Area with singing and chanting throughout the game.

The club will also continue to sound an air raid siren as players enter the field, hopeful of creating a tribal atmosphere derived from Essendon traditions.

Chief marketing officer Justin Rodski said the club’s 60,000-plus members needed reward after staying loyal through several tough years for the club.

The Bombers have a number of huge games to market this year including Dustin Fletcher’s 400th game, Anzac Day (Gallipoli’s centenary) and the 30th anniversary of the 1984-85 premierships against Hawthorn in Round 2.

“The focus is to create a uniquely Essendon experience at all our home games,’’ Rodski said.

“We want fans to have a fear of missing out on the excitement and atmosphere of the match-day experience.

“We are still working with the AFL and Etihad Stadium to explore the possibilities of turning the lights out.

“We will test what it looks like in the next few weeks but it’s incredibly exciting and would create a great atmosphere with the roof closed.”

The club will also provide volunteers at gates handing out merchandise to kids, helping with directions and will theme the ground in Essendon colours.”

“The fans are the fabric of Essendon and we want to make them proud,’’ Rodski said.

“They have really held our club together in the past two years and have been a massive source of motivation for the players and we want to do everything we can to make sure they have the best possible experience.”

Awesome initiative by the club

“We want fans to have a fear of missing out on the excitement and atmosphere of the match-day experience”


Think they mean they don’t want to stay home and watch on tv because of all the stuff happening live.

Good luck getting the last half of the crowd in before ten minutes from the first bounce…

What do you mean there will be no game on? If there’s no game, what’s is the point of texting people?

Silly idea. The greatness of the scarf twirl is the very fact it is driven by the fans. We do it against WCE, and it was never some marketing ploy or gimmick. It was the fans copying Sheedy who did it in a moment of exuberance, and it has lasted almost 20 years.

The idea of having it organised before every match is a little sickening.