"Essendon" not in Channel 7 "Scandal"


It's Bomber. He was called Bomba as a child but it morphed into Bomber over the years.


Breaking News:
The RSPCA is investigating an incident whe a dog was run over by a motorcycle ridden by a postman who delivers mail to James Hird.


James Hird involved in DOG DEATH!!


The reporter somehow fails to mention the postie had to swerve to avoid their campout at the front of the Hird house.


The satanic sacrificing of puppies is said to be part of the cultural problem that has existed at the club for a long time.


I love quotes like the above. Lawyers giving their assessment as to the value of the story....


No more proof is needed about the death of journalism, than this sorry excuse for a story, attempting to link Essendon to someone who is actually linked to the media. The worst case of attempted deflection l have read about in quite some time.