Essendon post a loss of around 500k for 2023

I don’t think i saw this anywhere, but the club just released it’s financial report and made a loss for 2023. Also i noticed the actual membership income was down on 2022.

I know we had a lot of turnover last year, but it still surprises me footy clubs make losses or only small profits off revenue of over $70 million.

It’s why the complaining from clubs about the soft cap doesn’t make sense, as most clubs are always sitting close to the line of making losses each year.

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Pies only made 6million, so, I dunno, I reckon the whole Telstra Dome, Windy Hill, ASADA thing has worked out pretty well as it sits.

Discussion on this started 18 hours ago (exact link below) in the 2023 AGM thread.

(but not that image, yet; feel free to post it there)

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