Essendon theme song - Uganda style

Ugandan gives club song a spin

The Essendon theme song ‘See the Bombers Fly Up’ has reached the African country of Uganda, where a local musician has recorded and performed a reinterpretation of the classic number.

Emma Kusaasira Edwin – who records under the name Coopy Bly – came across the song in an encounter with Essendon diehard, First XVIIIs member and Red and Blacks member David Efron.

During a September rotary project trip to the not-for-profit organisation Yimba Uganda (founded by Edwin and his Australian wife Anne-Marie Reddan), Efron presented the musician/philanthropist with two Essendon playing guernseys alongside a recording of ‘See the Bombers Fly Up’.

As Efron recalls, Edwin’s creative brain was immediately sparked by the song.

“He said, ‘I can make a real song for this, this is fantastic,’” recalled Efron, who has been a Bombers’ fan since 1946.

“He started doing the song when I was over there and when I’d come back he had out it on video and everything.”

Edwin’s cover combines a slick in-studio vocal performance with a traditional Ugandan musical arrangement. His accompanying film clip of locals exuberantly dancing mirrors the enthusiasm with which he took to the recording.

Edwin and Reddan established Yimba Uganda in 2013 to provide opportunity for under-privileged youth to develop workplace skills with the aim of reducing unemployment in Uganda.


Well that was unexpected. Pretty good effort (although could do with a little less auto-tune)

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I like it. Although I can see the marketing department grab it and play it ad nauseum until I hate it.

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I like it too

Really good.

WSPTU (as honorary members)

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I didn’t mind it, agree on the auto-tune being a bit too heavy though.

Have to admit I’d kinda like to see the crowd’s reaction when that was played after a win at the G.



How long until they get flown out for a game and assaulted by BT in the rooms post game?


We need more of this stuff.

Bombers going global


Lurved it. Great dance moves, although there is a little sequence in the middle where it looks like they could do with a bit help on their handball skills. Great stuff and thanks for posting. l would love to hear it used after a win next year, but which round?

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for those restricted at work from accessing the embedded Twitter player:


Got 20 seconds in. Good effort, but a massive no from me


it’s ya boi BANGs!!11!!!

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Loved it. A for effort. Wouldn’t mind Tippa and the boys bringing out those moves after a win.

That’s a No from me.

Because you were expecting a second verse with Cheer Cheer the red and the white?


One verse was quite enough.

needs more banjo

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Legend says Idi Amin was a big fan of the Dons back in the day.

More like after a goal, why wait for the win.