Essendon v Gold Coast Suns 2023 – Match Day Thread

I’m done with Jones. He’s hopeless ……weak as ■■■■ ….passenger

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We have started poorly again

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■■■■ kick by Shiel

A nothing kick

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Didn’t even compete.

We are in trouble here. Hopefully can sneak the win but it’s a total 50/50 from here.

FMD. We’re gonna lose this

We need more out of Martin and Perko, they are not doing enough and they can both hurt when they get the ball.

Awful awful kick, not his fault. Awful.

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Dropping off and the jogs coming out around the ground here at the moment

As our only forward Jones needs to put his body on the line.

we need quick clearance and Draper or Davey on the end of it.

But but but we have nobody else.


It was a perfect kick. Rowell burnt parish something shocking

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Shiel when you have that much time you must hit a target

Jones is a snow flake

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The kick coming in was to his disadvantage.

We have totally tuned out this quarter

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That’s poor

Started poorly both halves.

Lol, wtf happened at half time, they all had naps or something?