Essendon vs Adelaide - Review


Line up the main mids man for man and I think it stands out that we are a lot slower than them through midfield.

Watson - Sloane
Heppel - BCrouch
Zaha - MCrouch
Goddard - Greenwood
Myers - Douglas
Howlett - Cameron


If it’s tank related we’re in even worse shape, this is almost as experienced a midfield as we can put on the park. Another 2 pre-seasons for Myers and Howlett and we’ll be right.


I don’t recall anyone “cracking the sads” over kids not performing.

In fact, I don’t recall any “kids” not performing.

In fact, Mcwrath aside, I don’t recall any “kids” being selected.

And I sure as ■■■■ don’t recall Howlett having a single impact on a single game this year.


He actually said that? Wow
The tackle is dead


We did very well to surge and get close.
Stewart’s goal was exellent, as were Hooks.
Collingwood who have a young running midfield & 50 point start couldn’t do it.
Would have been a miraculous win without Zerret Fan & TBC (who got us back into the season)


Those 10 players weren’t playing 3rd tall in the back half last night.

I like Gleeson but based on last nights team someone in the backline would need to make way for us to bring in another key defender so we could release Hurley.


It’s almost as if they are trying to phase tackling out of the game altogether.

May even come a time when a player is only allowed to tackle standing up and not allowed to bring a player to ground.

The shirtfront has been phased out of the game, why not tackling now?

Time to don the bibs and skirts boys.


I agree that we lack that element. Not at Gleeson’s expense, though.
I’d like Ambrose, Hurley & Francis, McKenna, (Big KPD) & Gleeson
That gives us a nice balance of speed, height, agility, intercept marking, rebound and stopping. The Big KPD could be Hartley - or could be someone else. It’s arguable whether having Hurls/Gleeson/Francis is too much of a similar thing, but I reckon that’s the way the game is going.


Anyone know why Bluey McKenna was absent last night ?


Gleeson was okay. Every single match up down back was undersized except for possible Ambrose on Walker.

Gleeson - Lynch (didn’t dominate)
Dea - McGovern
Hurley - Jenkins
Ambrose - Walker

So Gleeson criticism is harsh given his man was probably there least impactful tall fwd on the night.

Also, anyone have that gut feeling Hartley did something against team rules during the week and that’s why he was dropped?

It was obvious after selection that height was a problem. It has to be an off field issue. Surely.

And if it is I 100% respect our footy club for not putting him through the media mud and keeping it low key.


How good were Hookers goals.


most of their marks inside 50 were spot up leads


We had no scoreboard pressure and our turn overs gifted them easy goals.



At some point I saw they had well over 20 contested marks. Towards the end there was too many lead up marks.

But way to many contested marks in fwd 50


I said the same thing last night. I can see a day when intentional bump and tackle will leave the game. If the premise as it seems to be now is to stop people from getting concussed, how they hell can they allow any intentional contact? This wont happen very quickly, but I firmly believe now I will see a day when this will be the way the game is played


Adelaide are a very good side, and played like a very good side. They play controlled, dangerous football. My query on them is that they might be frontrunners, but I’m coming around. After watching them last night they’re my tip for the flag. Next weeks game against the Swans should be a ripper.

With two of our most important players out it was always going to be a tough ask. Adelaide never looked like they might lose, but I think the margin flatters them. It felt closer than that, and it should have been but for lapses of concentration (junk time goals against us), some ordinary decision making, plus a real lack of defensive pressure through the midfield. Umpires didn’t help either.

Nothing to get hysterical about.

Having said that, one of the most disappointing aspects this year has been team selection, particularly the fact that some of the promising types haven’t been exposed to senior footy. It’s a missed opportunity, and it’s hard to argue that they don’t merit it over some of the guys getting weekly games regardless of form.


Said in the team selection thread that the omission of Hartley this week was a head scratcher. Really can’t understand why with a forward line of Walker, McGovern, Jenkins & Lynch. There was a definite match up for him last night more than others. Despite the umpiring, the Crows are the better side right now. I think we can bridge the gap in the coming years with some internal growth & smart recruiting. Merrett & Fantasia not playing really hurt our structure but the intent we played with for most of the night is certainly enough to comfortably win the last two games & give ourselves a shot at September & once we’re there, who knows what can happen. We need to see that intent more often though.


Not sure we win (let alone easily) but I agree with your general sentiment. Team selection for that game was abysmal. It’s happened regularly this year and I now have major reservations about the coaching panel…


I’ve slept on it. We lost to the top team without our best mid and best small forward. I don’t think that many would have had this as a win at the start of the season. The real issue is we dropped that first Carlton game and the Brisbane game at home and if we had won those we are playing finals.

I liked Parish and McGraths game tonight. Lav breaking tackles which no one on our team does. He will be a player and I’d play him the rest of the season.

McKenna is good as well. He has probably only played 30 games but he tries to take the game on and break the lines when the opposition have set up the zone. Supporters around me can’t seem to understand what he is trying to do. They would prefer he just kick it to a two on one marking contest with Josh Green.


Ffs woosh. All you need to say is ‘the howlett tackle was not correct and a free should not have been paid. It was a 12 point turn around and switched the momentum of the game completely. But im not an umpire so we will clarify from the afl this week’.

We are the most fkn ■■■■ weak club at times. ■■■■.


Nah he slung him head first into the ground. Textbook dangerous tackle. He’ll get a week.