Essendon vs Adelaide - Review


Had a few hours sleep and have woken up still angry. Wishful thinking that we make some changes this week


They had their reasons to do this. And they’re very good reasons. Reckon you’ll see a selection policy that isn’t prejudiced by the actions of a previous administration from the moment the final siren sounds on the 2017 season.


I’m so flat


Selection was so novice he is either saying farewell to several players and not worrying about playing finals or he has his favourites which is plain and simple.

Worsfold stated he would play only those worthy of selection, he lied


Play Mutch, Begley, Bird and the fridge enough is enough


Halfway through the second we were leading the inside 50’s and clearances

and, as it has happened about 10 times this year, straight away they get a free kick in the centre square

you can almost count on it any time essendon puts any momentum together, dinky bullshit free in the next centre bounce

my point is though, we were in the game but lacked the speed and composure of Zach Merrett and Orazio Fantasia

If you took Jenkins and Sloane out of Adelaide’s team and add Raz and Zerrett to ours we’d win that game.


I agree. He looks a bit panicked with the ball in his hands but that will improve with experience. He’s going to be a good player for us.


Coaches lack imagination on game day and at selection. No Hartley on Jenkins! No Bird (a player from the culturally impressive Swans program - acquitted himself really well in his 1 and only game!). Games plans usually evolve during the year yet, Essendon’s (only) plan is essentially the same. What about playing some kids!? Surely, they’re worth a go considering how poor the senior options have been this year. It’s so frustrating Essendon have forgone potential results because of a sense of obligation (and some misplaced hope players like Colyer and Myers who’ve essentially been out of the game for 2 years, finds some form) to underperforming players.

When reflecting on the year overall, it’s been a positive return yet, so many what ifs remain. Essendon should be playing finals. That they’re not, is a sad indictment on coaches and players. If we’re rating the year I’d give them C+


Crows have been better than us for the best part of the last 10 years.

In that time they’ve had 6 finals series (soon to be 7), if you go back further they have been a regular finals fixture for a fair amount of time.

They’ve lost significant players to retirement such as Goodwin, McLeod, Edwards and Burton, then lost quality players in their prime such as Davis, Gunston, Bock, Tippett and Dangerfield.

Changed coaches for various reasons several times.

Still yet to win a flag.

We have so far to go it isn’t funny.


Spot on. I did too, … we we’re just 3 down and coming with a wet sail and a chance to steal it against the odds, but like someone already pointed out … we conceded a swag of goals in the last 10 of near every qtr.

I remember saying “There’s 10 to go in which we could win it, … but if you had the choice, would you let the siren go now instead and wear the 3 goal margin?”

Bluddy shame we lost by the amount we did in the end, and like you, I wonder what the result might have been with Zez Raz & a fully fit T Bell.


Just imagine what it will be like when Hooker, Joey, Fanta and Tippa starting kicking goals like that in game after game?


Its frustrating for zaka. He can tackle but always prefers corralling the opposition player.


We were no chance with a shootout our f50 entries were horrendous long bombs for the most part. They hit leads most of the time giving their forwards easy shots. Most of our goals were from the 50 arc?


There’s plenty of good reasons to throw some eggs into that basket. But we went all in.
You’ll never convince me we’ve managed the list well this year. Never, I say!


Lynch had 17 disposals and 7 marks. None of our “tall” defenders could hold their heads up. Maybe Ambrose.


Actually, about Colyer, his non chase as a Crow went past him was damning. As 1 of the fastest his jogging effort was sickening


Myers as a defender?


NLM as a sole ruckman?


Worsfold is spineless. This midfield was terrible 5 years ago and its terrible now. Stop playing your pets and give players a chance. He’s like Willy wonka, giving out some golden tickets.

Jobe and Goddard singing: I’ve got a golden ticket.


That IS s-special.