Essendon vs Adelaide - Review


swear to god havent seen this many trolls come out of the woodwork since the saga broke


Troll /= don’t rate Worsfold.
Calling people trolls for no reason does though.


Bugger…that sucks

Spoke to a crow supporting mate, he doesn’t think he will get a week…he didn’t even think it should have been a free…but to the letter of law it is suppose


As bad as standing still as a statue when Hooker marked and played on and Hooker had to motion to him to shepherd.

He was either spent (no tank), lacked football smarts, or had basically given up on the game. and didn’t care enough.

Perhaps all three.


Adelaide were very good tonight. The top team played very well and we were beaten by 6 goals. sounds about right


I was sitting in the upper-level at least 20 rows back and I saw it. How could the umpires 5 meters away have missed it.


I thought the mark and shot we got where Green touched it before Stewart marked was a lot more obvious.


If its the letter of the law then why didnt tippa get frees for beimg dumped.
There is an essendon rule book and another one. Go ■■■■ yourself afl.
If those umpires are not being instructed to fk us, then they are the worst people at their job in Aus and should be sacked.

Go GWS for the rest of the year. Fk the other ■■■■ team, you all stood by and watched us and helped us get shafted, so now you can all suck on the afl made beast.

Furious still and wont be now till pre season starts again, and i get filled with hope for 2018. Will it be crushed again…


I think it is some of the really whiny unsophisticated Worsfold bashing that is plain irritating.

People seem to think AFL coaching is as basic as being the head coach of EDFL reserves or something equivalent.

Z= outcome, therefore A (Worsfold) is no good. People legit seem to be unaware there is factors B to Y.

It mostly emotion and little fact. I’m not saying zero fact. But about 5% which is latgely drop the old and debut the young. Half the haters would change their tune for this alone. 20 games in to his real coaching appt it ain’t a big issue. People are impatient and blind to what us simple internet folk will never know.


Just spoke to some Adelaide supporters who thought they were hard done by with the umpiring & that we always get a good run from the umps…FMD!!! I didn’t know whether to laugh hysterically or explode!! (I did make my thoughts on it all very clear!)


Yeah, funny that.

Every single club has supporters who believe the umpires have it in for them.


I guess you pointed out they got 50% more free kicks than we did?


I don’t hate woosha, I just don’t think he is the right man for the job. Big difference.

Watching other games you immediately notice how bad our zone is. We put so little pressure on the ball carrier it is near impossible to defend. Our lack of game day tactics is also noticeable. Not all changes are game winners but sometimes you have to have the courage to try. Our selection policy is baffling at best.

We are back to be the unskilled, unfit and unaccountable team of the knights era. I was a knights hater for three long years before the club finally came to their senses, how long will it take this time?


I need to find a new place to sit…I think I had a whole lot of ex Melbourne supporters. Was ridiculed for showing to much passion.

Wasnt to bad a match…umpiring hurt a little…but it was the space that they could create along with their field kicking that did us in.

Wonder how much difference Fanta and Zack would of made.


8 goals…


I reckon if we had our best all available & in, we probably beat them last night, … o/wise get very bluddy close.

Were the Crows missing anyone of note?


It’s interesting how things evolve while others don’t. I believe we have the bookends to make a good team. So kudos to the coaching staff to fixing up the issues that we have had with the forward line over the last couple of years. But now we need to look at the other issue that has plagued us for years. Looking at this review it’s obvious to everyone that we have a one paced midfield that cant defend.

After the Sydney and Saints game I thought that our midfield was getting its mojo together. But since the Saints game I think the word has gone out that you get the opposition midfield just run off ours because there is no-one (other than possibly Zaka and Merrett) who can keep up with them. Other’s have rightly pointed out that players like Greg Williams, Mitchell and Hodge aren’t blessed with pace. But they consonantly win the ball and are damaging with their disposals.

I must question how Howlett got the gig over Bird. Bird was good against the Saints and lost his position to Watson just because…Watson.

The thing I cant puzzle out is the zone we use. We seem to be content to let our opponents lead us to the ball. This has happened during the course of the season and not just last night. It reminds me of the year the everyone worked out that the best way to get around Hawthorns rolling zone was to carry the ball as the Hawks players were too intent on minding a spot of turf. We seem to be set up to defend a fast attack rather than a steady build up and we just seem to get “stepped through” too easily. I’m not sure if this is a tactical/coaching issue or players just not following the team game.

The thing that REALLY got up my goat last night is that we just looked so physically weak. Just couldn’t get over the amount of times Essendon players fell over or were stopped by one arm pushes. Tackles that didn’t stick or that allowed the opponent to get rid of the ball.

On the positives I thought Pigeon stood out head and shoulders as the best player on our team last night. Did it all, attacked, defended. If we can get him into the midfield things might change. I thought Laverde showed glimpses last night. Just the way he was able to break a couple of tackles and side step the opposition was promising. Still has a way to go though.


How was Hurley liste din the ‘best’. He might have got 35 touches but Jenkins towelled him up. Those uncontested marks Jenkins were taking where Hurley didn’t fly were soft.




Agree. You can throw all the stats you want at me but his last month has been poor.

EDIT: Perhaps poor is a bit harsh but well below his standard. Needs to get the balance right. Hopefully he gets a bit more strength back in the off season.