Essendon vs Adelaide - Review


Multiple things have been tried. Yes, it is a weekness, but playing da kids thats are either not ready or as good as who is in the team is not the answer. Same old tired reply.


It’s brought you a lot of traffic though, hasn’t it?


Finals is great if you are poised to actually do something. If you are just going to limp in and then get booted out in the first game like we have for the last decade then playing the “best available” instead of culling those who can’t take us forward and developing for the future is simply fools gold.


Arguable but, be that as it may, The Crows (with their three big talls in the fwd line) was the last game to drop him from. The constant size differential between Dea and his opponent was staggering and Hurley having to actually man-up killed all interception in defence.
Really, really, really poor team selection and not for the first time this year!!!


Not sure if you’re trying to insinuate something but the site gets similar traffic after wins as it does losses.


So win or loss you’re rollin in sweet sweet internet money?


It’s tiring. We aren’t good enough. We have a forward line and that’s it.


Well actually, if we play them in the finals it means not only did we get there, we won at least once. So right now, I’d be happy to play them in the finals!


Riolio encourages negative responses to mediocre performances, because it makes him stacks of phat google cash.


First half: ■■■■.
Second half: I went to the supermarket then I had a really nice homemade burger for lunch.


Personally think we need more RIMFYA branding.

the play the kids isn’t about necessarily being a better team now, but being a team that in 2-3 years is a stable finals force while we have legit guns in hooker and hurley, So what if we finish 12-14th this year if we blooded 4-6 kids and gave them consistent midfield time to adapt. But nah, we’ve got players that will be dine in the next 1 2 or 3 years who are already past the peak of their careers.

I know the ‘we owe them after the saga’ but that was non-disclosed settlements. The club has to be able to move on. in terms of on-field.


If we don’t get more involved in the Josh Kelly saga, and end up with Jasper Pittard, I am putting a ‘hit’ out on Dodoro.


If I wanted sweet internet money traffic I’d need Dank to roll up with another dump truck full of jungle juice.


So what you’re saying is you’ve already made your fortune. Cool cool


So so far off it it’s not funny.


I’ll put it very simply. If you think we were better off with Watson and Howlett than we would have been with Begley and Mutch then holy fkn ■■■■…

We continue to mortgage our future and we’re not even benefiting in the “now”


Bj and zaha, the only mids with more than 20 tonight. Wow that is awful


Any supporter going into this game thinking we were going to win bar a miracle was kidding themselves.

Our best mid out. Our best ruckman out.
But yeah sure…our midfield is farked.
Im thousands of miles away but even I could see, we went ok considering.

We are sitting at a pretty good spot considering the ■■■■ we have been through.
Im happy


That was always the concern.*
We weren’t going to keep them all quiet, someone was going to rack up 40.
And who was for us? Zaka? Parish?

*alright, one of


The best team, in good form, and we were missing two of our best four players.

I’m not really gutted by the result, it was fairly well expected, but like many have already lamented… Our midfield is just painfully ordinary. It started the year ordinary, it’s been ordinary all year and yet we’ve done very little to improve it.

Random thoughts:

  • Surely Howlett doesn’t play again?
  • Surely Colyer can’t keep getting games?
  • I thought Leuy was ok tonight, certainly played like his career was depending on it.
  • Lav eased into it, his second half was ok.
  • Hooker had his ■■■ handed to him last time against Talia, and the same in the first half tonight. Incredible fightback performance by him, probably some of the best footy he’s played up forward imo.
  • Andy McGrath is a shining light on this mediocre season.