Essendon vs Melbourne at the Lid-On Stadium - Result and Reason

Essendon to lose by 5 points


Melbourne are #1 at being bitten by dogs while Essendon are #1 this year at biting dogs.

Bombers to come out with intent then lose momentum but somehow stay within reach.

Melbourne will apply pressure across the ground and Essendon will not be able to execute their plan or any plan for that matter.

They will play like they can not trust each other get to the centre of the ground only to lose possession. Rinse repeat.

Melbourne will not hurt us on the scoreboard as much as they should but will still win the game in an insipid affair.

Gawn to dominate. Joe to come good and keep us close. Essendon leaders to remonstrate and be caught on the telly.

Umpiring to favour Melbourne but not be the decider in the game.

Devon to lay 15 tackles.

Hooker to play well forward and back to keep the debate going.

Hope I am wrong by at least 7 points.

Good luck in your predictions…

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Probably win then lose to Carlton and the Saints

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Melb by 14 after we lead by 17 in the third.

Because we’re ■■■■.


Melbourne by about 6 goals, because we are ■■■■


Melb by 18.

Because we have a team of players with limited skills who have no idea what they are doing.

Melbourne by 65 points…
Our players are learning, they are confused, blah blah farking blah.


If hear that sh*t from Worsfold as the reason we lost I’m going to lose the plot.


Melbourne by 57 points

37 to 45 at half time, go into the rooms with a bit of confidence.

Get blown out of the water in the 2nd half.

“We are still gelling as a team, we need to give these players time to sync together and learn about each others games. Stringer took a step forward tonight getting over 15 possessions, Hooker has to re learn how to play with Michael Hurley in the back half, we just need patience.” John Worsfold post game press conference.


I have no idea.


I think we’ll win and the 1 to 4 year players, some will get dropped

Dees by 4 points after we kick 12.21 to their 15.7


Melbourne by about 7 goals.

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Melbourne will win because they are the better team, but people here will post about Essington.


Melbourne by about 11 goals, with Joey kicking a few in the last. Reckon they’re going to absolutely fkn sh*t it in.

19 point loss after they run us off our legs on the outside. After we lose they will run to Hibberd and Melksham smiling and hugging them.


Melbourne by 37 points.

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Us, by about 22.

Literally no reason for it though.

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Dees by 43 points

The 3 qtr time score will be…

ESS 5.11.41
MELB 4.13.37

I’ll leave you to fill in the rest…

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Dees by 28.

Their midfield to dominate our midgets.