Essendon vs Ninthmond match thread

Everyone get out of the Sorry saga thread!


Let's smash these pretenders. 



KAV! sub

Incorrect use of bevies.jpg, that’s for interstate trips


No changes!

KAV! and Vlaustin subs.


KAV! sub

I feel empty inside.



Man, I hope he's got the right amount of wax in that hair tonight.
Could be a bit windy.
You want that hair perfect for the inevitable pics after several goals.

Get Orazio, Dell, Chappy and Zerrett all up forward. MOSQUITO FLEET!*

*plus Carlisle and Joe D

Hoping RICH-mond are POOR-mond in 3 hrs time.  If they are really bad, they will be ■■■■■-mond and we will have a %age boost.  I hope ..... Go Bombers.  Drop a MIRV on them.

That’s a lot of small forwards who aren’t all that dangerous in the air which means defenders can peel off and go to jd and jc. Hope I’m wrong.

we're gonna lose. 

@strut so, it hits the ground and they are ■■■■■■

we're gonna lose.

We're gonna smack them

we're gonna lose.

Aarh, the ole reverse psychology trick.
Worked last time didn't it ?
I know your game....

First match while watching overseas. From Thailand, GO DONS!

When jezz posts that gif, we never lose

Us by a LOT

we're gonna lose.

You lose.

Seriously my flight to dubai better have wifi

…can’t handle 14 hours of not knowing if wr won or lost

we're gonna lose.

Were gunna loose