Essendon's Best Ever Country Team

Seems the club is having a competition on the website allowing people to pick the club’s best team from outside metropolitan cities.

Minimum requirement is 50 games.

Here’s my go:

B: G. Wanganeen, R. Andrews, M. Johnson
HB: B. Duckworth, I. Shelton, N. Daniher
C: R. Burgess, L. Baker, M. Long
HF: T. Daniher, R. Merrett, S. Lucas
F: A. Ezard, J. Coleman, D. Shaw
R: B. McLure, T. Watson ©, J. Birt
Int: M. Neagle, D. Heppell, A. Epis, N. McDonald

Have a go I reckon.

Heppell will be better than Hawker, but he’s not yet.


Surely it’s not too soon for Darcy Parish to be in the team!


Forwards - T. Daniher, Merrett, Coleman, Lucas, Frank Maher, Alan Noonan

Midfielders - Hugh Torney, T. Watson, John Birt, Reg Burgess, Long, J. Johnson

Defenders - N. Daniher, Ian Shelton, Norm McDonald, Wanganeen, Bill Brittingham, Bob McClure

Interchange - Baker, Duckworth, Neagle, Percy Bushby, K. Fletcher, Hawker


Defenders - Enright, Taylor, ■■■■ Grigg, Reg Hickey, Bos

Midfielders - Wayne Closter, Carji Greeves, M. Turner, Polly Farmer, G. Hocking, Goggin

Forwards - Bob Davis, Fred Flanagan, S. Johnson, Ablett senior, Doug Wade, Ablett junior

Interchange - Couch, T. Hawkins, J. Selwood, Bairstow, J. Hawkins, Peter Pianto, Lindsay White

Check out the Weekly Times photo gallery of the Essendon Team of the Country on their website. A lot more photos than were originally published in their feature article and some really great ones, too !