Essington vs Tin Rattlers Finals Review Thread

well...that was farking disappointing


Concentration. We keep giving up big leads.  Question is WHY?


Farking over it.


Shouldn't lose when 33 up.
This team needs to learn to play 4 quarters

Gutted. See you next year.

Footy has been cruel to us.

Midfield was slaughtered in the second half.


Took just over an hour to transform from Essendon to Essington.

It was disappointing.

Just those five minutes where Brown got away, then the five minutes where Petrie escaped.

I think we still need to find a capable tall to mid sized back for the teams that play three talls. Steinberg just isn’t up to it.

Fark football. When does the A-league start

This team is not going to get us there prior to the GWS/GC era.


We have a long wait ahead.

Cattle not good enough to win a premiership.

I hope the players are hurting as much as us.

Man out next flag will feel good.

Every ■■■■ is against us, so many ■■■■ games, so much heartbreak.

Celebrate this season for the heart the team and supporters showed and remember it when we do win a flag.

17 will be ■■■■■■■ sweet.

Screw North.

Lost composure in the third.  Should have held at least a three goal lead into the last.  Gutted.

No surprises for me.  One gets used to disappointment after 10 years of failure by Essendon.


Watson was extremely disappointing.


Stanton looks cooked as a footballer.  Lost his hard running ability which was his major asset.


Hats off to Colyer and Baguley.

guess you can't expect to much different to happen in finals that has happened during the season. Hence why I keep saying a win would have simply covered the cracks.

You can't make as many mistakes as we do and expect to be a contender, it really is that simple.

Missed Fletch

Its all good. We didn't get thrashed and made a good showing. Should have won but I'm not as devastated as I thought I'd be.