Euro 2024

Dutch will go ballistic over this ref though if it stays 1-2 England.

Hold on now you farkers

Watkins nabs Player Of The Match.

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Was a great goal, hit it low and across the keeper into the far corner. England held their shape well when the Dutch had bulk possession late in the half but when they got their chance up the other end they took it.

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True story smooth.
Cannot say England didn’t deserve this one.

All that talk about the ref in the build up, England received some handy calls at times. Deserved the win though, and if they can play like that first half again in the final it could be on.

England have a had a blessed run, think they may actually win it.

Did Gallagher get booked? Would be the quickest ever if he did.
Well done England. Not sure about the Dutch tactics. Seemed to sit back a bit too much.

Wasn’t Gallagher.

Spain have been the best team so far and have done it so many times before. Think they will edge it, 2-1 in extra time.

Come on, Spain, do the world a favour


Nope, go the Poms, I want to see the world burn.

And the English media kiss Southgate’s arse.

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England kissed on the ■■■■ for two euros in a row, surely they can’t bottle this one


Thats absolutely incredible. Uruguay are going to be facing some very hefty penalties


its like i always said, copa > euros


Yeah Colombians tho?

Fans are feral.

And Uruguayan footballers? Didnt one of em chomp on another footballers ear?

They were hella dirty in the game v Brazil

The tournament is in the US, they wouldn’t be trying that ■■■■ in South America!

And as I always say South American players are the dirtiest and diviest players in soccer.


Going early on this one.
Spain 0 England 1 (potentially AET).

Spain the classier team no question. But England will defend like crazy, strangle the life out of this match if needed and hit them once (at least) on the break.