Everyone else's trash. Our treasure?




Reports indicating Tom Browne may be defecting to The Reader’s Digest.


Its all about strategy. Tom Browne was pushing Stringer to Essendon when Connors wanted pressure on the Bulldogs to do a deal, and it was actually in the trade period. But trade period is still weeks off, and Conors’ clients probably don’t know what they want to do yet. So Browne is forced to speculate.


In 2014 he was saying Ryder to Brisbane and was very confident about it until Port Adelaide decided they were interested. It’s pure guesswork at this stage with 6 clubs still up to their necks in the race for a flag. FWIW, I was alerted to the possibility of Wingard about 20 mins before Nixon tweeted it, there’s definitely some noise around some players, where that emanates from is anyone’s guess.


In addition to Hartley we still have Ambrose, Francis, Brown and Zerk-Thatcher as tall backs plus it looks like we are drafting Dusty’s kid. The deepest part of our list really


The club’s strategy with Stringer is very different to some of the names mentioned this time around. Stringer was basically kicked out by the Dogs following a post season review. As a club there was no need to be discreet and we therefore used the media for our own gain. A lot of the Stringer goss by certain journalists came through us.

This time it’s different. Shiel, Wingard and Parker are valued members of their club. They are not being kicked out by any means. We will therefore be very confidential in our backroom dealings, as we were with Saad, for example.


I think Hartley isn’t quite up to it He goes alright in the VFL. But think Zerk-Thatcher, Ridley and Francis all win the ball better against thier opponent with intercept marks, hartley is more likely to halve the contest with a spoil.

I do love him roosting it from full back.

He should consider a punting career in the US IMO.


Alex Johnson statement after getting delisted.

“I am disappointed with the decision the Club has made,” Johnson said in a statement issued by the club.

I’m staggered. Not words I would use in his circumstances. He did say he was thankful for their support but being disappointed with the club’s decision is mind boggling.

And delusional.

“But my passion still remains to play football at the highest level."

Poor fella.


cut the guy some slack i reckon… 5 knee recos, would send anyone half way insane


When you’ve had 6 years to reflect on life after football and a club has carried you on the list and paid you at their own detriment I just don’t reckon “disappointed at the club’s decision” is words I’d go for.

If ever there was a player who owed a club the most kind words ever then it was him.

Off the top of my head something like this could have been said.

"I am disappointed that my body was unable to let me perform for the Swans and respect their decision and position. The Swans have supported me better than I could ever have asked for and I am incredibly thankful and honoured to be a Premiership player of this club.

Thanks to all the supporters whose support and encouragement I will forever be grateful for."

He had the opportunity to go even further and make the kind of statement that would be memorable and a tribute to his courage to keep getting back up. Instead he is disappointed at the club.

Bummer for him really. Could have said something profound.


nah sorry cant blame him

if I put my body, my mental health, through that same battle, I’d be pretty bitter at the end, and would be supremely disappointed… after the heat has been taken out im sure he will be able to reflect and appreciate all the effort sydney has put into him, but i think its a pretty normal sort of reaction to be disappointed at the decision initially


Tough but probably fair.


It’s probably taken out of context.

You can be disappointed with the decision doesn’t mean your disappointed at the people who made the decision.


I agree with you. He should have created his own context. Instead he said what he said. Anyway. Not that fussed about it. Just reckon his AFL career end could have ended in style but instead he ended it with a statement like a 2nd year rookie would.


Yeah, not a great choice of words.
I see he has declined the development role at the Swans aswell


He want some to keep playing.
Seriously mate, give it away! As much as I admire his perseverance, his chances of getting another contract are as good as my chances of playing AFL one day.


Saints, Blues and Kangas scrambling over each other to get the big name.


Just from a basic duty of care perspective, the AFL should tell him it’s obvious his knees aren’t up to playing the game at the elite level, and refuse to give him a permit to play. Obviously he isn’t capable of letting go of his dream, but seriously, some one has to take the decision out of his hands.


I doubt most of us would be in his position as we’d check out on the afl dream after the 2nd reco.


I would have thought he could have continued his rehabilitation at Sydney with a view to perhaps gaining a spot with their NEAFL side whilst gaining skills in the proposed development role. That would have been a pretty good outcome.