Everyone else's trash. Our treasure?


Why is Jack Steele still uncontracted? Would have thought he’d be among their better players.


His legs don’t work


Not too hard. A solid gaze pointed his way will damage a hammy.



I consider myself lucky then.


Hugh Goddard been given the lemonade & sars? I know we were keen pre draft. Has had a year of injuries but poor development at StK and Hooker & Hurley ageing. Worth a late round/rookie/ DFA punt?


Yeah, I would’ve thought we’d look at him. Not sure we’ll have a lot of list spots open, but would be a very cheap option if we still think there’s a player there.


Had me thinking similar. Don’t know what his story is, but I recall being a bit keen in his draft year. Looked quite good.


Depends on what the club have in mind for Michael Hartley. Looks like he’s uncontracted for 2018 judging by the contract thread. We have to think about life post Hurls and Hooker given they are getting towards the 30 mark (Hurls is 28, Hooksey 30). Definitely could do a lot worse if we rookied him or signed him as a DFA…


Francis, Zerk, Ridley…Fletcher

Probably wouldn’t be a priority for me. But if Dodoro rated him…


“Goddard has managed only nine senior matches since he was a first-round draft selection in 2014 in a career largely cruelled by injury. He has been available for only five matches each season over the past two years, a torn achilles tendon sidelining him in 2016 and turf toe on his right foot hampering his campaign last year. When he did take to the field last year, he rated poor for disposals and average for intercept possessions and intercept marks in the VFL.”


Yeah Saints clearly chopping Goaddard and Freeman not due to “potential” (as tantalising as people on the internet find that) but simply because they don’t want to carry perpetually injured guys.
As for delisting Freeman when he finally gets on the park, maybe he was brought in by the previous list manager. Or maybe they just know how shot is hamstrings are.


we’ve all been there.


He’s had more than a year of injuries!!


Well you certainly have


Kieran Collins and Hugh Goddard were both highly rated…ie second round draft picks.
But there are plenty more players to be delisted still 8 clubs in finals contentions…


Jack Lonie I thought had some good games.

The fact that Saints are garbage and barely get the ball fwd wouldn’t help the smaller fwds performances. Not sure how he goes defensively but if wanted some quick depth for fwd half player with goal sense he’d be worth a look IMO

Saints are surely trying to land some bigger $$ names and just keeping options open to move on players. Lonie and Steele will likely be retained


Lol Hartung delisted after one season. Didn’t Wim(?) desperately want us to pick him up?

Edit; Apologies - I just scanned this thread and this has been discussed already. Carry on


Geez kick a man while he’s down.


Yes I should have read the thread first!


Good point. Remember when Carlton were getting rid of Garlett? In hindsight, he would have been a great pickup for most clubs. Speed is a rare commodity.