Everyone else's trash. Our treasure?


Crap Lonie … no thanks.


Goddard would be the perfect rookie IMO.

I understand that he’d probably end up competing with Zerk for a spot, but Hooker isnt getting any younger and I dont want to leave the future of our key position backs down to Zerk and Ambrose.


Jackson Merrett sets the bar for where we expect other club delistings to be better than.

And the success of Guelfi shows where we should be looking to get our players.


From memory Pies were ropeable for having persisted with Freeman only to receive his request for a trade to St Kilda. Clearly he’s had issues with his body but I don’t think it’s necessarily the case that he’s been punted from 2 clubs (IIRC)


I heard the move from St Kilda was around 3 years 300k.

So he’s earned a million bucks playing two AFL games.

Not bad - wish that was me.


Surely wasn’t straight $300k

Would have been heavily incentivised by games played of which there was fark all.


It’s amazing Ameet Bains somehow left that joint with his reputation sky high. Trashed the place and left before it so tumbled down.


Is it Ameet Bains’ legacy, or bringing-in Simon Lethlean which has caused the joint to fall apart though?
Or perhaps a bit of both?
SL is a slippery customer, largely protected by the veil of old-boys. Wouldn’t trust him as far as I could ■■■■ into the wind…


Don’t forget Finnis who also is a self serving snake


Bring back Thomas


So pretty much like Ross Lyon then.


Remember when Ameet said we wouldn’t be getting pick 5 for carlisle, but then we got it anyway? Good times


I absolutely do not think we should get him; but Michael Barlow was hugely stiff not to get more games for Gold Coast this year. Had 50+ possessions like every week in the NEAFL.


Barlow will surely be picked up elsewhere?

Agree - incredibly stiff

They are probably going to lose the little leadership and direction they might have with May, Lynch and Hall, yet happy to let the other experience on hand just walk out the door. Playing good footy too…


There weren’t many clubs interested when he left Freo and I would imagine no one would take him on now at age 30.

He was very stiff not to get more games at GC though.


Clubs used to play 2-3 inside mids. Now most will run with only one pure inside. As most clubs allready have one there is no need for him.

You need other tricks these days as an inside mid.


Sam Collins is the ex Freo player who will be picked up by someone and slot straight into a KPB position. Ross Lyon will look very silly for delisting Sam and keeping Michael Johnson for one more year


Wasn’t he a one way player. Dew demanded he run the other way, he didn’t want to. So off to the NEAFL.


You’ll find him at the physio


Perfect fit for farkcarlton. Cripps needs support, It’d be a derelict of duty not to bring Barlow in for at least a year and fast track the midfield development.

So in short, yea, I hope they don’t pick him up.