Everyone else's trash. Our treasure?


Farking spot on


This season he had some injury issues, but he still played half the year and had played 30 games at VFL level in the previous 2. He wasn’t used last season when they had injuries to Adams, Morris and Roberts and has had 2 1st year guys zoom past him - Lewis Young last season and Aaron Naughton this season.

Haven’t paid enough attention to him to discern whether its a development issue or just a NGE issue, but given he’s been played in his preferred position and was drafted at an AFL-ready weight, I’d been leaning towards the latter.


Slow and the turning circle of the titanic.


Didn’t know about the toe/foot injury that kept him out 18 months!. Knew about the Achilles’ tendon which cost him a year. That’s three years of his four in the system. They’re bad luck injuries though and not something chronic like freeman and his hamstrings. Still think he’s worth a punt on the rookie list or as a DFA provided the medical team think he’s salvageable. He’s only 22 & 197cm so would still require some development given the time he’s missed.


A bunch of injuries, no idea if he’s up to snuff, and about the last position we need.
Where do we sign?!


Hurley & hooker aren’t getting younger and although they aren’t slowing down yet, will require replacing sooner rather than later. Are you happy to keep Hartley as their successor?


I’m slightly more confident with Harts than Goddard. Which is to say, not very.

I think Francis ends up taking over from Hurley and Zerk from Hooker.


Does this mean we get Barlow after all? Surely Carlton could do worse…


Carlton interested in Hugh Goddard apparently


Carlton interested in another club’s rejects? Really?


Well, after 16 years they may finally get that Goddard they’ve been after.
Two of them perhaps…


Would be worth a punt I reckon.


Given the way they’ve developed Weitering, Goddard should be very wary.


Barlow has been cooked for years.

The modern game is all about the press, and if you can’t run you leave a weak link for the opposition to expose. A few extra clearances isn’t worth the damage the other way.


We might have even picked Goddard if the blues had taken Laverde…


yeah, been surprised at those few who have said he may be worth a go… he was let go from freo because he was slow and poorly skilled… given a lifeline by the worst club in the league and dropped from there… wouldnt touch him with a 10ft stick, definite stench about him


Once they peruse his playing record and realise he hasn’t been on the GWS list, they’ll lose interest.


Come on. Our list quality is top 8 and improving. We don’t need low level teams’ rejects. Lets trade for 1-2 top end talent, and speculate on late draft picks / rookies


No doubt…

  1. There are always a couple of reject players who do wonders if thrown a lifeline by a new club.
  2. l have no idea who they might me this year.


Cam Ellis-Yolmen from the Crows.

Can’t get a look in with Sloane, the Crouch lads etc. Yet looked alright when given a game or two.

Built like a veritable brick shithouse.