Everyone else's trash. Our treasure?


Francis, Ridley


Oh come on theres a place for it, but I agree not not for us this year.

Next your going to tell me you only date virgins.


Feel that way myself. Ideal for a mature rookie spot.


For all these arguments that there is no point picking up rejects who haven’t shown much, Geelong made out like bandits with Menegola.

Given some of the late draft talent Dodoro has been able to find, added to some of the really impressive rookies he has found, I’d back his judgement if we were to grab a rejected player.


Was Menegola ever on a list?


2 - both Freo and Hawks rookie lists

Didn’t play a game for either


Yeah but Menegola spent most of his rookie years injured and then the year before he was re-drafted by Geelong torn it up in the WAFL proving he had the talent and was just being held back by his body. And Geelong were willing to take a chance on that.

So he is in a different category to a lot of these delistees in that he had shown quite a bit (albeit at a lower level) and wasn’t freshly delisted giving those outside his last club a chance to re-evaluate him.


Membrey was delisted and picked up by the saints and is all right, Simpkin delisted from geelong to the hawks won a flag, Hamling delisted from geelong to the dogs won a flag, the hawks also picked up Henderson who’s playing pretty much every week in a top 4 side. Robinson was delisted from the blues and went to the lions, and we’ve frankly had worse players than him on our list for longer.

You’re unlikely to end up with a star from picking up a delisted player, but if you have a role you need filled and a limited player who fills that role gets delisted, I don’t know why another club’s opinion on them should be the final word.


This is a great point premiership sides have depth and ready made players to call upon when someone is injured. These players may be on the fringe but they are an integral part of a club. They have enabled teams to either get into the top four by playing a role while a best 22 player is injured, and many have filled that role and played in premierships.

You can’t expect to win a flag by cutting all role player types, and drafting nothing but kids or trading picks for guns. That’s the consensus I am getting from a lot on here, and it is a load of BS. Bringing kids up to play roles before they are ready does more harm then good in most cases. Kids at clubs should be brought in when they are ready not because a best 22 player is injured.

If we have an area we need ready made depth in, I am all for these types of players.


Give this man a raise


Was this in response to my post? Because I actually agree with you. I was just pointing out that you shouldn’t expect a Menegola with every recycled player. Most are just solid backup types, ignoring the Saga got him a look in originally Matt Dea is a good example.


This is the salient point that most Blitzers miss every year. Player X is cut/delisted, therefore they must be crap. Not any analysis just a summary judgement. Yet there are many reasons why a player is cut from a list, not simply because they aren’t good enough. The were good enough to get that far. Perhaps injuries have held them back from producing their best, and the club has run out of patience with them. Yet the same tired line crops up every year on Blitz.


Just a general post on the concept. Agree completely on the Menegola thing.



Some people on Blitz (especially in the Cannon into Sun thread) forget that even if we’d beaten Carlton and one of Bulldogs/Freo we would still have had to win that streak of games we did to get into the finals. So the 10 out of 14. To make that streak, we needed all of Dea, Smack and Brown playing critical games. Langford and Guelfi coming in was important. If one of Hooker or Hurley had been injured, we’d have needed Hartley.

The only reason it wasn’t a godsend that we had those guys to draw on, is that the “best 22” had lost critical “simple” games before those players above were mostly even selected. Depth is critical if you’re trying to make finals and do well in them.


There’s a fairly significant difference between a talent-packed club like Geelong putting you out on bin night and an absolute fkn rabble like St Kilda deciding you’re not good enough.

-edit- also, every player that leaves Carlton almost immediately gets better at football so that one’s unfair too.


So ignore players from bad clubs unless they’re from a really bad club?



Have Frankston delisted anyone yet?


Mitch Hibberd delisted… another rebounder for us pls


He’s soft as butter

Preseason looks good when no heat on games and as soon as real stuff starts can’t get near it

Been burnt by him in supercoach


Know nothing about him. If I squinted hard enough would I be able to pretend he was Michael?