Everyone else's trash. Our treasure?


I teckon the other thing to recognise is that maybe they are good enough. The club they were at were just ■■■■ at developing players.

I think emma quayle has spoken about how lucky or u lucky players can be depending on where they are drafted. When it comes to the borderline players whether they make it or not depends on the quality of the development at their club


Agree with that. Unfortunately Blitzers along with most of the football public will quickly buy into this perspective and thus judge a player ever after.


Added Brisbane : Bell, Bewick, Paparone, Beams, (Barrett)


Surely Baparone…and Claye Beams


didn’t even realise he was still on their list


All fkg spuds


I thought Barrett had been getting a regular game (assuming he’s #43)


Since Francis is leaving bring him in

  1. Bewick


Without wanting to go all Hartung again, I’ll just say that if Green was worth a shot at 24, then Lonie is worth a shot at 22.
And eleven goals from the last five games of the season is pretty…pretty good for a small forward in a very rubbish team.


I haven’t seen a lot of Lonie but Saints fans seem to think his defensive side is poor and because he is so small and light a lot of his tackles don’t really stick.

But if Dodoro thought he was worth a look why not.


I think he rates okay for tackles for a small forward.

Edit: Just had a look. He had 9 against FC.
And generally he is okay.

Edit: Edit: And I don’t know if a lot of people know this, but tackles only count as a stat if the ball doesn’t get to a teammate by any means at all.


Agreed Wim. Was surprised to see his name suggested as player out the door.

Pre getting delisted article.

Very odd from St Kilda. What else is going on?


I’d certainly be interested in him as a delisted FA. We like having small forwards, but don’t seem to like drafting them, so he seems like he could be a decent option.


@Jake_Brady_10 Any nosebeers for this fella too?


No idea. But plays for stkilda. If hes close to carlise then yes😂


Very very odd decision.

Assuming there’s nothing major we don’t know, 100% take him as a DFA.
He’s better than Long, better than Green, better than Jerrett, better (and much younger) than Colyer.


Same tackle avg as Green, and scores less.
Less contested possessions and less inside 50’s.

Not sure I’d spend more than a small bag of peanuts.


If Green kicked 12.14 and laid 17 tackles from his last six games then there’s no Way we should have dropped him.


Hey everyone Wim is going all Hartung again


Does the old Richmond “ball spilled out in the tackle” pass count as any means?