Everyone else's trash. Our treasure?



Who has got a hard tongue?


A giraffe that was licking the resin bucket?


we already have colyer to do that in other words?


Clay Smith retires. Bung knee. 25 years old.
Probably their best across the 2016 finals series. Life comes at you quick.


Thanks, Sandra Sully. Didn’t this happen weeks ago?


Quite possibly!


BJ’s mum can finally say go blues…


It’s BJ’s mum. She’s far more likely to say something like “go you ■■■■■■’ blue ■■■■■!”


I’ve been heartbroke and well hung all my life


Geelong: Crameri, Aaron Black, Ryan Gardner, Cory Gregson, Matthew Hayball and Timm House

(Timm House is made up, surely?)


Aren’t timmy houses a trendy thing at the moment?


Waits for a sentimentalist to suggest Crameri could be a cheap back up option.


I like Chris Scott’s contribution on 360, but it’s a bit rich to complain about injuries to their small forwards like gregson and then to delist him. 3 spots should open up in the 8 next year - swans, cats & hawks will all hopefully take a dive down to mediocrity.


Gregson is sh*t anyway


I’d prefer they take a dive down to being really ■■■■


Cannot see Hawks falling away.

Cats have a good top ten, but fall away after that.

Never write off the Swans, though they have an older group, they also have very good young guns.


I’d love Crameri playing for our VFL team.

Back to where he started.


Tom Browne reporting that Darcy Moore could be requesting a trade to St Kilda.


Can you believe these twonks get paid??