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Random thing.

Bought a echo show 8 cause wanted a digital clock in the main room and for the price why not have another assistant.

Since installing though google assistant has been more responsive then ever. Almost like there is a setting to enable better performance if a rival appears.

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I have spent some time over the last few years thinking of names for dogs. I haven’t had a dog for 30 or more years, but l would like to get a couple. I will call them Random & Quote.


I burnt my left index finger on some very hot cheese on Sunday.

This morning, I had to drive to Fiona Stanley Hospital, all the way to the other side of town to have it looked at by their specialist burns unit…the nurse took off the bandage, looked at it, said that looks ok and got the doctor who did the same.

That was it…they then said I could go.

The top part of my finger is now half dark brown from whatever it was the original ED staff put on it on Sunday.

I have decided my family is in a position that we can get a dog now. My family bred Red Heelers for about ten years of my childhood and I love dogs but I have never felt we were in a place that a dog would get what it needs. That said I’ve every intention of getting two and naming them somewhat in honour of my old man’s sire who’s name was Bite. I’ll be calling our dogs Ralph and Chomp.


My last dog was an American Setter, red like an Irish Setter, but with a lighter, smooth coat and blonde feathers on her hind legs. In summer the sun and sea water would give her coat a gold fleck. She was the best dog l have seen with children.



Haha indeed

Got my second parking fine in the last 3-4 months from the City Of Monash today.

Apologies to the people in the vicinity with the explicit language used at about 12:30 this afternoon.

My fault but still ■■■■■■ off.

Well, at least @swoodley wrote something that was not immediately obviously suited for an existing thread.

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I’m watching NHK news online.

■■■■ myki inspectors, that’s my contribution to this thread.

Who has holidays from work over Christmas? I’m off from the 23rd and I don’t go back til the 16th. Woo hoo.


Only three days between Christmas and new year. Need that annual leave for big holiday coming up.

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Does biding time between contracts count as holidays?

If so, then yep.

This week will either be awesome, or completely farked.

To top it all off I may find out today, tomorrow or Thursday.


Good news - found out that you can collect free tamper proof screws for number plates from the police station.

Bad news - I found this out because some a**hole stole my number plates


Timber outdoor furniture is the absolute worst.

Sanding and staining every year is a real pita.

I bought myself 5 really nice Christmas presents this year. Oops.


I recommend not sanding it ever, hitting it with the hose every so often and staining it every 2 years.