Evidence of Scott Lucas kicking a right-foot goal

Does this deserve its own thread? I think so.

Black Swan event.

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Hawthorn at the MCG early 2000

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He could kick with his right foot. Quite well actually. But he hardly ever needed to, so he hardly ever did

Mythbusters got to work on the legendary reluctance of Scotty to handpass.

The fact is Scotty handballed more often than Lloydy.

But that is not such a surprise is it ?

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The Internet was created for this: https://m.facebook.com/Scotty-Lucas-Memes-492671207600075/


Lucas kicked on his right foot, allowing Moorcroft to take the mark of the century (and also fk up his/Moorcroft’s back). Completely undermines the Twitter conceit/joke.


When did goal umpires stop wearing white coats and sporting moustaches?


He put a 40 metre pass on Welsh’s chest against Geelong at Etihad.

Woosha missed a pretty straightforward shot.

He wouldn’t have gone goalless in the 2000 granny if he hadn’t twisted himself into a pretzel on the edge of the goalsquare so he could kick on his left. Easy right foot kick.

While we’re here, let’s look at the number of times Hirdy or Mercs kicked with their left after about 1998. Would have been fewer, combined, than Scotty’s right footers.

A guy at work used to say Lloyd absolutely never kicked on his right. I then went through chapter and verse on every right foot goal he’d kicked in the last 3 seasons.

Well over 20 goals in total, including one goal where he kicked 3.

2 for Scotty in his whole career, I’d say.

And then, Saga-like, I bet the guy then said “yeah, but he never kicked on his right”.


Yep. Intercepted a handpass from The Fish as well.

Someone ask for me?


No, but since you’re here I’ve got a proposition for you.


I guessing he really regretted saying that.

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Also used it in 1999 against hawks at Waverly.

I liked Blight as a commentator

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moustashes are politically incorrect because the female umpires can’t grow them…am I doing it right?

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I farkin loved Scotty Lucas, far more than I loved Lloyd.

Lloyd was clearly the better player, but if they were ever having a shootout… I’d secretly be barracking for Scotty.


Ok. But the white coats?