Ex-#13 Orazio Fantasia - well… bye

If he misses more than 2 games with the slight calf strain, it’s a real concern.
Hopefully, he can at least play in the scratch match the weekend we play GWS.
He put together 4 consecutive games which was positive given his previous 2 seasons, so this latest injury is a real drag as we approach the mid point of the season.

We’d be paying him the big bucks right?

Use the cash saved from players like: Daniher & Fantasia

Keep the picks, what maybe 1 first rounder and a 1 second rounder in total?

Use the cash saved to target a decent free agent, Wines, Williams, Brodie, Crouch?

Get games into Jones and Gown asap.

Right now l would do that in a heartbeat, but l doubt tha PA would go for it.
Wines has had his injury concerns, but Fanta looks like he is completely busted. Not soft, just fragile, a shadow of what he once was.


Wines wants to head back to Vic and hes been linked to essendon, IMO that would help our centre heaps.

Wines has been playing good the last couple weeks, what has fantasia done lol

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Wines is on a packet, he ain’t coming to us for nothing. He would cost us far too much in trade and cap space and is nothing more than a solid B grader

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Nope. He was on a front ended deal and now his contract isn’t costing us much at all now.

Sorry missed the joke and thought it was a new thread. I think the potting of mckenna, raz, langford (hang on that one’s gone quiet) etc is pissweak, but that’s not to say you are doing it SMJ.

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I miss Raz.


If Daniher and Fanta leave… you’d prioritise a mid?

Our forward line is sticky tape, sticky taped to some more sticky tape.

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Well my point was to get anyone that would improve the team, obviously I’d choose Cameron.

Spongy floors made him soft


I know we joke, but I feel that the spongy floors have had something to do with our ongoing injury list.

We had a bad injury record before the spongey floors, which is the reason we installed the spongey floors


It’s Italian for “incompetent cowboy”

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Not spongey enough?

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It could be (amateur’s speculation) that the transition from running on spongy surface to a hard surface causes tendon stress.

If only our injury problems were just that recent.

Fark me. If he is this brittle and susceptible to injury he’s not gonna have too much longer at the top level no matter who it’s with unfortunately. Such a shame :disappointed:

Wait Fantasia speaks to Tom Browne now, I thought he liked ignoring that idiot.