Ex-AFLW #15 - Olivia “Barto” Barton

The PM joins the Bombers AFLW squad (get it - Edmund Barton was Australia’s first Prime Minister?!), after being signed from Port Melbourne’s VFLW list.

The following is an extract from the article…

Joining Barba is Barton, a 172cm defender who is reliable in contests and thrives in one-on-ones.

The 20-year-old is agile in contests and can play as a tall or small defender.

Playing 13 VFLW games for Port Melbourne this season, Barton has averaged 17.1 disposals, 11.8 kicks and 2.9 tackles.


Building our list nicely.

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@PH_WARFRadio interviews her in episode 13 of 2021.

Go to 2 hours (!) and 7 minutes in.

Basketball background from 10yo, switched to footy in 2019 at 18yo.

Played locally at Blackburn before squeezing in a couple games at the Oakleigh Chargers in 2020 as an over-ager.

11+13 games at Port Melb in the past two years.

Port Melbourne with the prompt article.


10 JUNE, 2022


By Andrew Papanikolaou, Borough Media on June 10, 2022

Port Melbourne VFLW Defender Olivia Barton has signed with Essendon’s inaugural AFLW program ahead of the upcoming AFLW season.

Barton joined the Borough from local club Blackburn for our first season in VFLW competition in 2021. Barton then went to the next level during Season 2022, joining the leadership group and catching the eye of the Bombers.

Rarely beaten in the contest, ‘Barto’ is a favourite amongst her Borough teammates and supporters alike, embodying the Borough spirit with her never-say-die attitude.

‘Barto’ played all but one match during the 2022 season, averaging 17.1 disposals, 11.8 kicks, and 2.6 marks. The ever-reliable defender also made her way down to the forward line on occasion, kicking two goals for the year.

Barto is “grateful for the opportunity to play for Essendon’s first AFLW team”, excited to join a club with a rich history, and a “part to play in creating history in the Women’s space.”

The 20-year old’s elite one-on-one defensive work, gained attention from the Bombers, with the Dons lauding Barto’s work within congestion and sure hands in defence, as well as her versatility to play on any type of forward.

Ever the team player, Barton remembers her time at the Borough fondly, especially proud to be a part of Port’s inaugural VFLW team.

“I’ve made some lifelong friends at Port Melbourne over the last two years and will always call the Borough home.”

Barto is appreciative of the endless support that was offered at the Borough, “from the band of staff, to the coaches, and playing group.”

An integral part of our culture, the Borough are upset to see Barto leave ETU Stadium, however we are incredibly proud and will watch her debut season with intent. We are humbled by our ability to help athletes such as Olivia Barton reach the next level.

Barto is eager to meet her new teammates as pre-season commences on Monday, and is equally as excited to take her learnings from Port Melbourne into her time at the Bombers.

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Repeating myself, but the below is from July 2020.

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Amazingly she has more than zero content on hudl.

9 minute video of clips from a game. In #1, full-back and taking kick-outs. Carries the ball with one hand, can comfortably kick 40 metres and usually hitting targets. Composed in traffic. Got some heft to her.

Note the video was from last year, so presumably has improved further.

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Post #10… yeah, it could have gone anywhere. Posted by “naughty girl” Fede.

OMG, post #11!

She’s been announced at Port captain.