Ex-AFLW #18 - Jordan “JZ” Zanchetta

Ex-Bears AFLW inside midfielder who joined us this year. Very composed, gets lots of it.

My flight has just been delayed 56 minutes so I’m going to add more to these four new player’s threads. When I wrote the title to this one my phone only needed W-t-E to get it started!


Technically not a “welcome to Essendon” anyway… these four have been donning the sash and enjoying it!

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9th for disposals in the VFLW.

2nd for handballs.

Great News! Up the Jaggies!

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Fede with the burn…

Anyone who doesn’t attend her debut is a bum!

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I take it by that like there will be two Essendon fans attending, @swoodley ?

That is my intent at this point in time :slight_smile:

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