Explain Your Avatar



What's the deal with your avatar? Who/what is it? Why do you have it?

Mine doesn’t work any more. 

Had to change because old one was too pixellated, you will be back mercs!

I love the Essendon guernsey, what more is there to say??



Well, actually.... the pic is an online image of a special Flightplan donors guernsey and my name happens to appear in it if you look real close... ^_^

Worst mistake I ever made was giving away one of those guernseys as a gift to an Essendon friend of mine at the time. 

Yeah, bad idea… it’s almost like a collector’s item.

Mine is highlighting John Cena's ridiculous face. 

Mine is of Albert Thurgood (!).


It's the worn out version, as a tribute to the toll that the Sorry Saga has taken on our club and supporters.

Mine is just to highlight what a mad **** Besart Berisha is.

Red sash on black. Not droopy sash

Mine is the band COLD   BLOOD i had the opportunity to see but didnt

I have made it one word to avoid confusion     :D

Mine is a pumpkin vomiting out itself.

Life imitating art imitating life.

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Mickey Rourke in Barfly.

To all my friends!

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Mine is Michael long in a hat. I used to have one that was Michael long without a shirt on wearing a construction helmet but rollo won't bring it back from the underworld.

Churchill Victory salute in old school super wide sash bomber jumper.

Usually I have some kind of low rider / muscle car (+/-) dirty ghetto chick, but victory over ASADA takes priority

Favourite cartoon when I was a kid - Battle of the Planets 

Rasputin. A man who the Russians tried to kill numerous times and kept surviving (poisoned, shot, beaten, attempted drowning, hyperthermia)


Was a playboy as well. Legend has it he was a healer and also predicted the deaths of the Tsar family

Are you Rolo?

Are you Rolo?

I figured you were blind, because your avatar "HAS NO I's"



(ill get my coat)

Mine's a Harlequin court jester.  I was browsing images of a Venice carnival, and come across some court jesters in red and black, and they looked very impressive.


I do like to jest, but as for performing for kings and queens, I can't say it reflects my desires. 

Surfing the internet to get ideas for a 1920's style dress up function, came across this, liked it and decided to use it.


Are you Rolo?

I figured you were blind, because your avatar "HAS NO I's"



(ill get my coat)