F1 2018


I'm happy to pay for it to be ad free.


Fox sports have an f1 channel all week.

The Senna v Prost stuff is awesome.

Can't believe the 1989 Aus GP was run at all. Ballsy stuff. Wouldn't happen today


I've been watching a bit too. The cars seemed tiny as well.

Here's Aryton's F3 version which won him a championship. It's from the Macao Formula museum.


Teams and drivers arriving today/tomorrow, anyone on incoming flights from Europe will see just how big the F1 pack is.


So all the new rules and all teams are doing minimal running to save engines (given the only have 4 this year).


FP times are almost 5 seconds faster than last years FP times.......haven't seen them yet but they're obviously quicker.


I love the Torro Rosso paint scheme.


I hope Ferrari has something in the bag....


Farrrk ferrari, carn the dan.




The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Although Red Bull look to be considerably worse-off than last year, Ferrari and Mercedes seem to have maintained their dominance.


Dan will start from 15th after gear box change.


Fkn red bull


Piece of c--ts




Is he not racing?


A disastrous weekend for Ricciardo - Things can only go up from here - A very calculating drive by Vettel and Ferrari will challenge Mercedes in 2017.


While it is nice to see a different winner instead of Mercedes...it ended up being Ferrari who spent years dominating the sport. So nothing has changed. Nor has the racing, still boring. So nothing has changed.

And poor Dan, what a shocking weekend for him. RB really don't like their Aussie drivers do they.


So RB caused Ricciardo to crash in qualifying - Damage your car on Saturday and no guarantee it will be 100% on Sunday.


Huh? Where did you get that from, Yaco? During the interview I saw Ricciardo said he was pushing too hard and the new cars let go quicker than the old - hence it got away from him.