F1 2018


Ricciardo's crash was driver error - No mechanical issue.


China free practice 1 started.

Red flag. Rain and weather.

Weather because the medical helicopter can't land at hospital due to weather.


I don't think you understand what Dan was saying.


Reporting Malaysia race this year will be the last.


I reckon a vietnam f1 would be good.

mainly because it'd be at a watcheable time compared to the fkg euro and yank races.


When nothing happens on the track...


Alonso moving to Indy500.




For Monaco only, but still.....


As if you'd want to miss Monaco!
I'd be surprised if he could just jump in an Indy car and perform


Indy cars are a lot slower than F1. And he is Fernando Alonso, after all. :wink:


Not so slow on the Indy500 track!


Monaco this year is going to be horrible, faster, wider cars on a track that is not wide enough for the old cars, its going to be a snooze fest, combine that with a clearly under performing car and an offer to drive the Indy 500 I think you'd be mad not to skip the Monaco GP for that chance.


He's won there twice. He's not going to win his third this year.


monaco is the only race i don't even bother watching, no such thing as a lead change except for when someone ■■■■■ up catastrophically.


I like the race cause when you crash, you crash big!


At least we will get a weekend free of him telling everyone how good he is on the team radio.


Its gotten to the point where alonso is nowhere near as good as alonso thinks he is.


Oh good. We'll get more Hamilton then.

We need more people to annoy Vettel.

What are we doing here?


Remember last year when Seb told the race director to F OFF. What a legend.