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Meh, I love the Monaco GP. I like that it's tight and hence harder to overtake than the other tracks, it makes it different. It's also the track that I find qualifying most interesting, and the strart of the race because it is so very critical


His McLaren is so slow we have no way of knowing.


Alonso to miss more races this season
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by Sniff Petrol on Thursday, April 13th, 2017

Following yesterday’s news that Fernando Alonso will miss the Monaco Grand Prix to race in the Indy 500, McLaren have given details of the other races the Spanish driver will sit out, and the reasons why.

‘Fernando has suddenly realised he is quite busy with other engagements this year,’ admitted senior McLaren spokesman, Señor MacLaren-Spohksman. ‘In fact, the more he’s driven the MCL32, the more commitments elsewhere he seems to have remembered.’

Fernando Alonso, yesterday

The team today confirmated that, fresh from his Indy experience, Alonso will also miss the Canadian Grand Prix because he’ll be driving in a WRC event in Sardinia, the Azerbaijan race because he’ll be driving in a NASCAR race in California, and the Austrian GP because he’ll be driving up the M6 to Stoke-on-Trent to see his old mate Peter Wilson which has been in the diary for ages and, sorry, he really can’t get out of it.

Sources say Alonso will also miss the British Grand Prix because he has a friend’s wedding, the Hungarian Grand Prix because it’s Ruben Barichello’s 48 hour Dempsey & Makepeace marathon that weekend, and the Belgian Grand Prix because he really wants to watch the Belgian Grand Prix on telly. He will also sit out the Spanish Grand Prix because he has ‘a lot of friends coming in town’ that weekend.

In total, Alonso is expected to miss 18 races in the 2017 season, or 19 if you include the Chinese race which he has already wiped from his mind. A replacement for the absent Spanish driver has yet to be confirmed.

‘Oh no, my mobile phone and iPad and all other means of communication have fallen off my yacht and into the sea,’ said Jenson Button, yesterday. ‘Oh look, here comes a carrier pigeon…’ he added.



The image


Lol. Dave will be impressed.



Button confirmed for Monaco.

Even if he didn't want to, he had to. Still contracted


Qualifying for the Bahrain GP


Should be a Mercedes win as their tyres work better in evening conditions.


Interesting race. Lot of Hamilton barracking though. Glad he buggered up his own race with the pit lane manouver.


Looks to be an even battle between Mercedes and Ferrari in 2017 - It's a matter f who can get their upgrades to work - Ricciardo had a disastrous second stint after the safety car - Could not get his tyres working.


He should just drive around with one hand on the wheel waving to the crowd all race.


fkg ricciardo's car caught fire.


Great race at the top. Nice to see Dan get a podium even though Red Bull are a long long way from the top.


Haha, Lewis.


Once again RB screw Dan over, this time they put him out for a run in traffic and behind his team mate who then held him up. Nice one RB. Why the hell he stays with them is beyond me.


Fat contract.

Was hoping he'd got a Merc gig when Rosberg left.


24 laps in.


theres your top5 turning it off now.




That looks like a horrific position to be in.