F1 2018


I don’t get how people can say max is the next big thing in racing? has less car control than pastor maldonado.




legit, max is crashtor with a good car.


Anyone got a stream?


Looks so amateur.


■■■■ off Bitchstappen


Ric probably could have challenge for the win that Red Bull pace.



Disappointing by Max - Red Bull had the pace to get a driver on the podium.



Get third Dan!



eat ■■■■ max


He was lucky the safety car came out to give him the chance to make that move.
Good on him, though.
He’s having just about as good a year as the car will allow.


yes, but you’ve got to capitalise on those chances.

Also never forget Monaco


DANRIC always there to pick up the scraps. Well done.


Fantastic drive by Dan so far. After copping a 13 spot penalty for a engine change he has worked his way up to 3rd. Still yet to pit but a top 5 spot is up for grabs


I wish Mercedes would nick off


Fastest lap of the race for Dan but think he will be a lap or two short of catching Vettel for third


Well done Dan


Those overtakes on kimi and perez…