F1 2018


Ferrari and Red Bull share the front two rows in Singapore. Mercs in 5th and 6th


Dan looks fired.


Pi$$ing down, going to be a wet one
First ever wet night race




Hahaha classic


Verstappen and the Ferrari’s cleaned up on the opening lap


How did dan survive that?


Amazing how he drove through the carnage




It was like watching essingont, but you don’t go for essington


Poor start off the line saved him, maybe he planned it lol.


God Hamilton gets KOTD


Of course Red Bull choose the wrong strategy. Hamilton will romp home barring a miracle


Thankyou Safety car.


Deadset pathetic by Red Bull, I’m certain they have no interest in winning a race. Either that or they are just so incompetent


Horner reckons gearbox issue… I reckon he would’ve given Hamilton some pepper with his car at 100%.


LOL racing stewarts are saying the 3 way crash was a “racing incident” and no one was to blame. So it is obviously okay to wildly go at right angles across the track no matter who happens to be in the way?


100% Vettel’s fault IMO but like Hamilton he is a protected species


Happens a lot at starts you move over to protect your position. I’m guessing he didn’t realise kimi was there so he could of left more room.


He cut off Verstappen forcing him to hit Kimi who then spun into Vettel as karma.