F1 2018


Meh. Just a shame they all missed Hamilton as well. Sky back to Lewis overtime love.


A correct decision by the racing stewards - Yes in a perfect world, Vettel would see Raikkonen steaming up inside Verstappen but of course we don’t live in a perfect world - Vettel was within his rights to block Verstappen and it ended as an unfortunate racing incident - Ricciardo can thank his lucky stars that he stuffed up the start.


It was reckless by Vettel and he should have been penalised by the stewards.


I think you have to ignore that kimi was there to come to a decision. did vettel force max to move? yes. was there an outlet for max to move to? as far as seb was concerned yes.

Now the tricky part, should vettel have known that kimi was there? probably, hes a racing driver at the height of his craft competing for the drivers championship (not anymore but yeah) so you’d assume some sort of awareness of whats on the track.

Max did similar things earlier in the year and wasn’t punished by the stewards but copped it a lot in the media, in fairness i’d expect vettel to get the same treatment. Very unfortunate for 3 people involved, and seb in the end deserved to be out of the race. imo.


It was a racing incident, similar to what happens at the start of every Grand Prix - Drivers always try to block in the run to the first corner - Nothing to read here.


Redbull faster than mercs it looks.


And Verstappen wins from Hamilton and Ricciardo - Raikkonen car broke down on the warm up lap - Pity for Red Bull is that Verstappen and Ricciardo will be at Mercedes and Ferrari in 2019.


RIC out qualifying VER.


Good to see. Missed it because I was watching the top 10 at Bathurst.

Speaking of which the bloke who put it on pole there - Scotty McLaughlin is very very special.


So Dan is getting screwed over big time at RB. he really does need to move teams, they have decided Max is their main driver and Dan just a has been.


How is Ricciardi being screwed over. Until three races ago, Vetstappen had a shocking run with engine unreliability. Its always likely ome of the two will end up at Mercedes or Ferrari in 2019. A nice job if you can get it



I love how he didn’t-back pedal from the dad joke - just kept it rolling.


Each compound is one level softer than this year. So the new softs are this years supersofts etc…



It will probably still last 30 laps.


Actually on fp3 yesterday pirelli said the hypersoft is two compounds softer than this year’s ultras. Everything is moves one softer.

Super hard is only an emergency tyre in case something happens where a tyre is unpredictability cut to shreds.




Dan needs to leave that outfit.


Yas Marina is an awful circuit. You’d think if you built a new track you’d take 12-15 of the best overtaking corners from the world and make a track with it.


the guy that designed it has a bag of ■■■■ tracks as part of his resume.