F1 2019 - Round 10 - British GP

Verstappen v Ferrari

Another issue with Max (probably not his fault this time).

Dan now 6th

Dan 4th

Virtual safety car on lap 41

On a side note: Lowndes has won Bathurst.


Go Lowndes, any chance that other ■■■■ whincup run out of fuel on the last lap? Only way the race could have been any better.

Hamilton 1
Bottas 2
Verstappen 3
Ricciardo 4 (from 15th)
Raikkonen 5
Vettel 6

Dan apparently has a damaged tyre, Max has a 5 second penalty and Dan ~ 5 seconds back…

Will Dan get on the podium?

No because max served his penalty.

fyi it was sebs fault.

Nah that was the second one. The first incidence was Max going off and then dangerously re-entering and that was what he was pinged for, not any contact.

Raikkonen wins his first F1 Grand Prix since Melb in 2013 by holding off Verstappen and Hamilton with 2 seconds separating the first three across the line - Ricciardo’s engine failed in the 8th lap when he was running fourth - This is an opportunity that went begging for Red Bull as Ricciardo would have just about won the race with a sound car.

Trouble is Red Bullshit Don’t give Riccardo sound cars anymore. He is a test driver used for his skills at development, and then sidelined on race day so the golden child can look better with no competition, and he can receive his due punishment for having the temerity for leaving at the the end of the year.

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Thanks for the conspiracy theory. Red Bull are out there to win races and finish as high as possible in the constructors championship. Points equal millions of dollars in the F1 world. Teams will not sabatoge one car as punishment for a driver. RB has suffered with an unreliable car for the last two years hence them changing engine suppliers in 2019. Finally, you only have too see how often RB have taken engine penalties in the last two years to see how pitiful are Renault engines.

if they were out to win races they would’ve supported dan. i love how you always come in as a teetotaller.

Do you think RB would deliberately sabotage Ricciardo’s car ? - Well if you believe that then RB did the same when Verstappen had a run of DNF’s in the first half of 2017 - Or if you want another conspiracy then RB have deliberately sabotaged their cars for part of 2018 to discredit Renault, and therefore justify their change to Honda engines in 2019.

For once you are right, that is exactly what RB have been doing. They have also been spending the time blaming Renault rather than take any blame whatsoever.

Anyway Dan has pole, Max 2nd. What’s the bet Max wins and Dan doesn’t finish or gets told to let Max win?

Max cracking it and bumping into the P2 sign was pretty funny

Ricciardo nailed that lap at the death - Verstappen was quicker through all phases of FP and qualifying - Sometimes you can be behind and get in that perfect lap - The start with the long straight before the first corner will be crucial - Mercedes and Ferrari are quicker in a straight line and I suspect one of the RB’s will be tagged before the first corner.

both redbulls will not finish lap 1.

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