F1 2019 - Round 10 - British GP


I have a feeling he won’t listen just to jam it right up them for stitching him up.


My thoughts exactly, still remember Webber’s response over the team radio when he crossed the line 1st in 2010 British GP…“Not bad for a No2 Driver”


It’s his career highlight.


One of the hottest starts to an F1 race you will see.


Alonso out for 2019.




good riddence


F1 is back on this weekend.


more importantly, MOTO GP too


Halo saved Leclerc’s head it seems


Was a very boring race.
Sorry, did I say race?

Drivers aren’t even trying to stick their elbows out anymore.
I told myself I wouldn’t bother with it after the procession of a few weeks ago, but I did.


Just go watch motogp


I want Vettel out first corner


Raikkonen hasn’t signed a new contract yet so I’m expecting a slow get away from his side of the grid handing the smug twat an easy lead.


Your wish came true.


Amazing the amount of unfortunate problems Riccardo has had since telling Red Bullshit he was leaving.


And Verstappen is still a cheating, whiny. entitled little brat.


I called it it the time
RB are a disgrace


I’d rather Seb any day over that cocksmack Hamilton


Nah. Hamilton maybe a ■■■■■■■■, but he’s a farking impressive driver.
Vettel is just a ■■■■■■■■.