F1 2019 - Round 12 - Hungary - August 4th


Was not expecting this:

Edit: rumour is he’s going to Renault

WTF is he doing going to Renault?




Ppl are saying that the engine rule changes in 2021 will be good for Renault, and that DanRic is playing the long game

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Also ■■■■ how Redbull has treated him

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Redbull have treated him like ■■■■, understand why he had to move.

It’s no surprise he leaves Red Bull when he receives $6 million and Verstappen receives $10 million - Though it has to been seen as a missed opportunity for Ferrari to replace au underperforming Raikkonen.

Wow, that was a little unexpected. Leaving yes, Renault, surprising. 2 yrs is about right, allows them to show they are improving and for Dan to leave if they don’t. Agree with Yaco, Ferrari missed an opportunity.

Big fish, small pond.
This is his team and he can have it built around him.

Bold move. Hope it works

Hope Ricciardo doesn’t do an Alonso.


Really surprising, Ferrari usually jump all over any driver with even a hint of Italian heritage

Now the announcement has been made who wants to bet on how many DNF’s Dan has during the remainder of the season due to “mechanical issues” lol

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Red Bull are too professional to fall into those silly games - In saying that there is every chance Ricciardo cold be ordered to pull over for Verstappen.

Interesting that it is Renault engines that Red Bull are running with that are constantly breaking down…this surely means that Ferrari are into Leclerc to replace Raikkonen.

Every time Renault have been in F1 they have won titles, Dan is hoping history repeats I think.
I’m not sure what to make of his choice but Renault were nowhere when Alonso went there and Webber chose Williams, so who knows.
End of the day it’s a factory seat with multi title winning team.

Maybe he spoke to Webber who certainly knows what it’s like to be number two at Red bull.