F1 2019 - Round 12 - Hungary - August 4th

I have a feeling he won’t listen just to jam it right up them for stitching him up.

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My thoughts exactly, still remember Webber’s response over the team radio when he crossed the line 1st in 2010 British GP…“Not bad for a No2 Driver”

It’s his career highlight.

One of the hottest starts to an F1 race you will see.

Alonso out for 2019.


good riddence

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F1 is back on this weekend.

more importantly, MOTO GP too

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Halo saved Leclerc’s head it seems

Was a very boring race.
Sorry, did I say race?

Drivers aren’t even trying to stick their elbows out anymore.
I told myself I wouldn’t bother with it after the procession of a few weeks ago, but I did.

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Just go watch motogp

I want Vettel out first corner

Raikkonen hasn’t signed a new contract yet so I’m expecting a slow get away from his side of the grid handing the smug twat an easy lead.

Your wish came true.

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Amazing the amount of unfortunate problems Riccardo has had since telling Red Bullshit he was leaving.


And Verstappen is still a cheating, whiny. entitled little brat.


I called it it the time
RB are a disgrace

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I’d rather Seb any day over that cocksmack Hamilton

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Nah. Hamilton maybe a ■■■■■■■■, but he’s a farking impressive driver.
Vettel is just a ■■■■■■■■.