F1 2019 - Round 12 - Hungary - August 4th

Nailed it Wim, not a well liked driver on the circuit.

Hear his carry on after qual? Fk him

Rosberg I reckon has it spot on. Where has the team order Ferrari team gone? Mercs are now helping Hamilton but Ferrari not doing the same for Vettel.

Also must try to find a better feed for F1. The hamilton love in is doing my head in.

Formula 1 has gone to ■■■■.

You mean again? Schu won how many years in a row to make the sport the boringest it had ever been at that point?

Leclerc to replace Raikkonen next year at Ferrari, Raikkonen has signed with Sauber for 2 years.

Finally, a normal starting time tonight.

Off to the race in Singapore tonight. Making my live debut despite having lived throwing distance from Albert Park in Melbourne. Went to the concert last night with Liam Gallagher supporting the Killers who were awesome!


I will do the opposite - Off to the F1 in Melb next year - May also get to the Singapore F1 next year.

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Geez nice side boob on the pit walk just then

Boring race… No one can overtake.

Mandatory 2 stop I’d suggest. Have to use all 3 compounds.


Yeah - It was a nothing race - Of course the changed aerodynamics of the cars under the regulations from last year was always likely to make this an issue.

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If it was bad on tv it was arguably even worse live. The racing was so strerile. Was really hoping for a quick downpour to liven things up. Hamilton winning was also disappointing given the number of Brits in Singapore.

However the track and the event itself is awesome and I will be back next year in hope of a more exciting race.


Flattest race of the season.

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F1 don’t really do racing any more.




some incredible riding in the motogp right now.


Mate, has your life really gotten so devoid of anything at all that a bit of tit side on showing from someone clothes is an event worthy of mention? Poor man. Your life used to be better than that.

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Reboot with all due respect I’m trying to work out where your life is at when your responding to a pre race comment 14 days later.

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