F1 2019 - Round 7 - Canada - Queens Birthday Long Weekend - 4am race start


Verstappen taken out by Ocon. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.


push and shove continues off the track


Verstappen is the very epitome of a brat.


A frustrating day for Red Bull - Surprisingly they had the quickest car and should have finished 1-2 - Between the craziness of Ocon trying to unlap himself and crashing into race leader Verstappen and another engine penalty for Ricciardo which dropped him down five spots - Two things to add - Verstappen was a gifted drive they way he seamlessly overtook the leaders, while Ocon is a menace on track and has previously crashed into his team-mate Perez on two occasions .


A total rat like his dad


I see Max got some community service penalties for his ridiculous physical response. He needs to learn to grow up.


Verstappen had to receive some type of penalty. At the end of the day, Ocon needs to reconsider the way he drives as he is a menace on the track


So what you are saying it was a crash between a pair of serial on track menaces then? Because Verstappen hardly has a clean sheet.


gonna side with lewis on this one, back marker has nothing to lose, max had everything to lose, why contest someone unlapping themselves?

grow the ■■■■ up max.


A lapped driver is that because they are in a slow car. Hence why there are blue flags asking the lapped driver to pull over the road. The only time ive seen a collision with a lapped driver happened a few years ago to Webber. Must be something with Red Bull and lapped drivers.

Its no coincidence that Ocon received a 10 second Stop and Go penalty for the collission. But of course Blitzers know better than FI race stewards.


so the 2 incidents are the 2 golden children redbull went all in?

maybe they need to invest in parents?


Ocon had 2 wheels off the track and the Dopey Dutchman still steered into him. Max had a 5 second lead and could have easily blasted past Ocon on DRS on the next straight. Max is very fast but not in the brain.


Not always Yaco. Ocon was running as fast as Max at the time and he has a right to unlap himself, which does happen quite regularly. The problem this time was Ocon was too keen to contest the front runner and he should have let it go. Max was also stupid and knew he was there and still tried to cut him off. Both of them were quite stupid in their behaviour and Max especially after the race.


Ocon’s fault but Max could’ve been a bit smarter about and not got involved in the first place


My interest in the next race is to see how fast the Red Bulls are at Yas Marina. Outside of their mechanical issues they have been surprisingly fast in the latter part of the season.


Not F1 but it’s a massive crash.


wonder what speeds they test safety fencing at.
Might need a rewrite of the regulations and marshall placements after that incident.

SlowMo from different angle:


Reverse angle shows a clash on the straight before this corner. Not even started breaking for the corner.


i thought it was a brake failure


A serious incident has occurred on lap 4 of the 2018 FIA F3 World Cup at Macau involving car #25 Sophia Flörsch (GER).

Following evaluation by medical staff, the driver is conscious and has subsequently been taken to hospital for further evaluation.

wtf how