F1 2019 - Round 7 - Canada - Queens Birthday Long Weekend - 4am race start


From the camera angle it showed first there seemed a delay before the flames were extinguished.


Yeah because he was taking too long to stop, they had to jump the fence and get there to put it out.


Dan retires


Hoping for Hulkenberg to have a good race now.
Also, Hamilton remains a friggin’ sook.


Extra point is genius.


Ham second - grouse! He isn’t going to be happy.


Fantastic race from Bottas.
Hulkenberg did really well to stick the elbows out and keep four cars within four seconds behind him for a billion laps.
A shame Ferrari shat the bed after looking so good in tests.
Everyone wants to see good racing.


Glad bottas won out of the Mercedes.

Promising from Renault with Hulkenberg getting it to the 7th, Ricciardo will take confidence from that despite his own debacle after a couple of seconds.


Actually Renault weren’t that impressive - They were the fifth best team in 2018 and only got fourth place because Force India ( now Racing Point ) went into administration and lost their constructors points - An improvement by Renault would mean Hulkenberg driving away from the mid pack runners. Haas again got their wheel changes wrong - Get consistency across the board and they can be the fourth best team - Seems like Alfa Romeo EX Sauber have improved.


One thing I’ve noticed in recent years but especially this year is it finally feels like the greater public and mainstream media in Melbourne have accepted the Grand Prix as our own, and something to be proud of and showcase

For as long as we’ve had this gp, all youd read or hear about at gp time is why are we paying all this money to host this, why do we have it, they’re fudging crowd figures because it’s not successful, they need acts like kiss to have any relevance blah, blah…etc.

But this year absolutely nothing, it’s the biggest and most positive build up for a gp I can remember.

I think the vic gov would be nuts to ever let go of this thing.


Pity the track is ■■■■.




Baku is the only good city track. And that’s Cos you had drivers binning it all the time.


Baku is a fantastic track - Challenging enough for drivers to make mistakes and overtaking is easily achievable.


so someone at the f1 brought measels to australia.


And Hamilton defeats Bottas and LeClerc in the Bahrain GP. Another. Disastrous weekend for Ferrari. Clearly had the fastest car. Le Clerk dominated the race until an engine failure with 11 laps to go, while Vettel when running 2nd again spun when in wheel to wheel combat with Hamilton. Vettel needs to lift his game or he will have no drive with Ferrari for 2020. In a strange occurrence both Renaults suffered engine failures with three laps to go within 5 seconds of each other. Never seen this before.


Such a lackluster race so far


Just tuned in, have i missed anything?


yeah, can’t tell if smog, or rain coming in.


No rain predicted, must be smog.