F1 2019 - Round 7 - Canada - Queens Birthday Long Weekend - 4am race start


It was a bland race with drivers keeping their positions - Anyway next race is Baku in which something always happens.


Well that was a bit dull, well done to Dan Ric for being best of the rest. After being talked up big time Ferrari are a bit disappointing and Redbull still aren’t close. Could be another long season.

On another matter has anyone looked at Formula E. Watched my first race on Saturday night and it was different. On reflection I enjoyed it, it’s a bit gimiky with the power boost and really tight tracks but I think I’d watch it again.


Formula E ticket prices are out of this world - They cost more than F1 tickets.


Watched the Paris Formula E race and the Bacu Formula 1 race over the weekend, neither were that great.

Not sure what’s going on at Ferrari but the Mercs are just smashing it at the moment, can’t seem to put a foot wrong. RBR showed a bit of pace as well, could have been an interesting finish but the late virtual safety car put an end to that.


Surprisingly Baku was a flat race. Reckon Le Clerc could have made it an interesting race if he didnt crash in qualifying. Finally, Ricciardo trying to pass in an impossible place on the circuit. Wow.


Fkg Danny Ric with one of the silliest accidents I’ve ever seen on a race track


I reckon they still need to get rid of the medium tyre and make them race on hards and softs. Once you get to the race weekend the differences between tyres in terms of speed is nothing.

Also it’s the 2 stop races that are more exciting. 1 stop races means tyre management.


25 years since we lost Ayrton Senna. Wow that’s flown by.

I’m getting old!


He was one of my heroes growing up, I was devastated when he died.


I was 13 when he died. I watched the race with my old man.
Went to bed and couldn’t sleep for a while. Woke up and heard the news and was shattered. Had to be talked into going to school.
Some great tributes floating around today too


His consistent pushing for safety features for the drivers makes his death even more tragic. 25 years, wow, that went quick.


Just shows again the three tyre thing isn’t working when they don’t need to use all three during the race.


Do we just give Mercs the title now?

Ferrari ■■■■ up again.

Happy Verstappen isn’t on pole and can’t match Daniels magic in Monaco in a Red Bull.


get Monaco out of the circuit, utterly ■■■■ track.


How many mistakes can Ferrari make ? Le Clerc had a chance at pole but yet is knocked out in the first phase of qualifying because the team didn’t send him out for another lap.


fkn lolol at Ferrari in Q1

No need to put LeClerc back out, his time is good enough to make the cut
Vettel heads out for one more…


That being said, I reckon Vettel’s out lap trying to beat the clock would have put him in about 6th.

It’s worth keeping this race on the list because of the prestige/nostalgia of it. No use replacing it with a new one in a country where no one gives a fk about it.

Also Big Dic Ric loves this track. He could get a billy cart into the 5th row. In fact he pretty much has.


Death taxes Merc 1-2


Waaah. My tyres…


Ugh I know right.

Old mate on the radio should have said “well come into the pits and get them changed and lose the race then you fkng nerd”. But no, have to stroke his ego instead. “No one else could have done that!” (<-- actual quote)