F1 2019 - Round 7 - Canada - Queens Birthday Long Weekend - 4am race start


welcome to liberty’s f1.


■■■■ redbull ■■■■ renault.

■■■■ ■■■■■■■ engine.





That was awesome.


what a ■■■■■■■ race.

loses the mgu-k on lap 17, could’ve had the car retired but held it the entire ■■■■■■■ race.

should be on all the papers tomorrow.


Amazing drive by Dan! Well deserved win despite the car trying to let him down.


Gutsy gutsy effort from Dan


Still the shittest track on circuit


You take that back!
Close to my favourite track.
Awesome job Dan


I think I’ve watched the clip of his pool celebration 10 times, a thing of beauty that entry.


Was a great weekend for Aussies on the track with Will Power becoming the first Australian to win the Indianapolis 500


Toowoomba’s own.


And the greatest name in motorsports


Will Power: the power to will away temptation*

*temptation sold separately, batteries not included


Pretty good effort, not that you would know by some of the other drivers.


Ricardo catching that Tom Brady pass on another boat then executing a perfectly weighted drop punt back to him was the bomb, hope someone posts it for all to share.




The catch was meh.

That drop punt though!


Shows you where punters/kickers stand in the NFL hierarchy, when a pedestrian throw for the likes of Brady gets the slo-mo multiple angle treatment, but the kick straight back to him by a non-football player standing on a boat gets half a second.


Not F1, but faster.