F1 2019 - Round 7 - Canada - Queens Birthday Long Weekend - 4am race start


Lance Stroll is the worst F1 driver I have ever seen.


And Vettel has a comfortable victory from Bottas and Verstappen with Ricciardo fourth - Surprisingly this was one of the more boring editions of the Canadian F1 with few overpasses and little action.


Some kinda big news with rbr announcing the move to a honda power unit next year.


That’s huge.


Does that see Dan stay with Redbull?


Brave decision by Red Bull - The Honda Engine is the worst one on the grid - No certainty Ricciardo will move because Bottas is likely to re-sign at Mercedes, while Vettel may not want a competitive 2nd driver at Ferrari.


Probably not.


Sounds like neither Ferrari or Mercedes are 100% interested though.


Ferrari may go for Leclerc as he is in their driver program.


And has no history of being quicker than Vettel.
And costs less.


Bottas also would be a lot cheaper and keeps Hamilton happy.

Easy to have two top drivers when there is a clear team leading the championship. When it comes to more even teams suddenly a number 2 driver becomes important.

Dan is in a tough position.


The issue with him staying at redbull is how ■■■■ they treat him compared to max.


It always comes down to the team ethos. Ferrari has always been about a number one driver while Mercedes gives their drivers equal billing. Think Ricciardo will end up at Ferrari as they value the constructors championship.


I think they value the drivers Championship A LOT more.


Most talk lately coming from the paddocks is that DanRic will stay at RB.


Ferrari want to win both but the Constructor’s is challenging when Raikkonen gives little value.


Now it appears clear why McLaren is in the hunt.
German publication Sports Bild reports Ricciardo has been offered a multi-year deal worth $20 million per year, making him one of the highest paid drivers on the Formula 1 grid.

Ricciardo is reportedly on a $6 million per-year salary at Red Bull and is paid more than $4 million less than teammate Max Verstappen since the Dutch driver signed his bumper new $10 million per-year deal at the end of 2017.


How about if Ricciardo goes to Mclaren is there a chance Red Bull grabs Alonso - Especially when you consider Red Bull has a dearth of talent coming through their junior ranks - A two year contract could do the job.


Reckon Alonso wants to chase Indy 500 after his Le Mans win.
Fair bet he is eyeing Indycars. And McLaren have some interest in going there as well.
Next year could be interesting re Fernando.


pandemonium at the start.