F1 2019 - Round 7 - Canada - Queens Birthday Long Weekend - 4am race start


how ■■■■■■■ unlucky is dan? max cheats his way to 2nd then dan cops debris from ■■■■ drivers and loses 3rd to kimi.


I guess there’s a reason why everyone in F1 calls him the best driver on the grid yet no one wants him in their team…


A couple weeks ago Toto blatantly said Alonso was a ■■■■ personality


McLaren and Williams are in all sorts of troubles with regards to their cars.


Thought Hamilton had the French Grand Prix won from Free Practice 1 - Often when Hamilton starts off the weekend well it carries through to the race on Sunday - Track is OK and allowed lots of overtaking - A welcome addition to the circuit,


Verstappen wins. Hamilton and DanRic both out with mechanical issues.


The high track temperature definitively played a role in the results. A big result for RB who would have had low expectations for this race. And of course Mercedes stuffed up by not pitting Hamilton during the VCR.



Apparently Mercedes hold more of a grudge than McLaren over how Alonso’s first stint there ended.
Brilliant driver but he’s burnt a bridge with every decent team on the grid, Indy car next year I think.


The fact that Hartley is alive is a miracle that crash was terrible. Incredibly lucky.


The onboard was terrifying.


We want early issues for Hamilton tomorrow so the commentators will shut up about him. Also the football analogies were getting tired.


The position of the grid is caca. Too far from the grandstands.


Think him spinning on the first lap and having to work his way back through the entire field made it worse than ever!


Did Ric take out Verstappen? Man I hope so.


Gear box for Max. Stuck in fourth.


Maybe, hehe


So rics engineers did it for him. I hate Silverstone with the sky commentators and Lewis still driving.


How’s Lewis and Mercs form basically accusing Kimi of deliberately hitting them


Lewis and a dummy spit name a more iconic duo.

Hear his radio in the first half hour? Wanted to pull out of the race the entire time.