F1 2019 - Round 7 - Canada - Queens Birthday Long Weekend - 4am race start


Fark me. Everything wrong with F1 in that race.

Disgraceful to not let Bottas race. Pathetic by him to just ok it.

Thoroughly undeserved win. Hate it.


Agreed…if Vettell hadn’t crashed he was cruising to another boring victory…once the safety car left the Bottas/Hamilton couple of corners was the best part of the entire race…then they say stop and it was just a precision to the end…pretty lifeless race.


Also the pride of the midfield is gone too. We won’t fight the faster cars and just let them through. Overtakes like that is completely boring too!


Do you think a lot of it comes down to the fact that now a lot of the middle of the road teams are basically test teams for the bigger boys? It’s like there is the top 6 racers and everyone else gets out of their way because they supply engines and other parts etc…pride or lack of it is a perfect word…Hamilton should never have won from 14th because he should have had to work to get pass the middle range cars…not get a free pass from them.


Honestly, ■■■■ MERCEDES


Is there a more faker team going around than them?


■■■■ sport


Daniel has had 2 unlucky weekends in a row.

hopefully his first engine doesn’t explode.


A bad qualifying for Red Bull - 7th and 12 in qualifying is unacceptable when you consider they dominated the practice sessions.


Didn’t manage the changing weather conditions during qualy


That’s one red bull car gone, now we wait for DAN RICs car to explode.


Ricciardo on a tear and up to 7th on lap 19.


Great result by Dan to get 4th, especially after getting side swiped with a few laps to go.


And great call from Mercedes to tell Bottas to let Dan past after hitting him.


I imagine they would have lost the position anyway but yes it was a good call.


Bottas does as he is told.


Yeah it was. They were hit with a 10 sec penalty as well but still good they called that out.


Horner’s basically called that it would happen. Bottas into ric


First GP l have seen in a few years, since l attended the race in Shanghai about 3 years ago. Sensational drive by Ric to finish up to where he did. Great timing as well, had just enough time to watch in the sports lounge at KL airport before a leisurely stroll to my flight. Bottas sloppy, twice.


It was amazing commentary from him.